Amazing river beaches along the Tejo

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Along its course in portuguese lands, the river Tejo provides life and beauty to the landscape around it, from the spanish border to the beautiful estuary. One of the best ways to experience that is by spending a day at one of its beaches. If you travel the right trails, you can find incredible little known spots where you can try its quiet waters under the sunlight with nothing but Nature surrounding you; or if you prefer a little more activity, there are villages by the river with excellent facilities for watersports, barbecues and joyful afternoons at the beach. The list below gives you a few suggestions of river beaches along the Tejo and also some of its affluents, notably Zêzere, where you are sure to enjoy a little bit of the natural beauty in the center region of Portugal. Enjoy!

The popular choices

As you can expect, these are the spots most will choose to enjoy the river waters. They usually offer more than a simple beach, be it a dedicated leisure area, bars and restaurants around or proximity to a village or town, sports area and other facilites. They are all great, each with its own charm.

Here is a suggestion: Praia Fluvial de Ortiga! There a little of everything here - a lovely river beach with fantastic sights, a snack-bar right by the sand and plenty of options for sports fans! You can take the opportunity for a little canoeing stroll, do some escalade, or enjoy the nearby trekking trails. The Ortiga camping park is located very close from here, which makes the whole area a great destination!

The marvels

The sandy river banks offer more reasons to stop by than you might think at a first glance! Along the Tejo, there is a great number of locations where you can find a simple setting with just the sand and calm river waters. These don't have facilities or regulations, you can simply drop by and enjoy your time in the wilderness! These are excellent alternatives, and less crowded than the famous spots.

I recommend the lovely Praia Doce, which sits close to Salvaterra de Magos and is perfect to spend an entire day at! The sandy bank extends for a few hundred meters, under the shade of trees. There is vegetation all around, amazing sights of the river islets and banks and a great restaurant nearby. If you time your visit right, you can also catch the moment of the low tide. Then, the accessible area gets much wider, you can reach the islets and enjoy nature and the setting sun from the middle of the river!

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