© Wikimedia Commons/ Raffa Justino
© Wikimedia Commons/ Raffa Justino
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Bathing in Praia de Setiba, Guarapari

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Imagine you plan a trip to Vila Velha for a few days of good summer vibes. Even though you have great beaches around you, you want to go a bit further by car, check out the nature nearby and find out new places to visit. 

I recommend you drive 40 kilometers and head to Praia de Setiba, in the city of Guarapari, Espírito Santo. I know it is more of the same, beach, sand, and sun, but this beach is not like the other ones in Vila Velha or Vitória. It is much more like a paradise since it is quite isolated and small. 

Guarapari, Espírito Santo

With a population of around 120 thousand people, Guarapari is a city which is not too far from Grande Vitória, which means, approximately 50 kilometers from Vitória. Its name is indigenous, referring to a traditional bird from the region (Guará) and the name of the gun that indigenous used to hunt it (Parim).

This city is one of the chosen by locals from Minas Gerais and other towns in Espírito Santo. Some people say the sand from Guarapari is radioactive, and it can help to treat arthritis and rheumatism. However, I believe the biggest benefit is bathing in those waters; they relax you like nothing else does!

© iStock/ Leoaraujo7
© iStock/ Leoaraujo7

Praia de Setiba, Guarapari

Although it is part of Guarapari’s municipality, Praia de Setiba is 12 kilometers away from the city center, and it is part of the Parque Estadual Paulo Cesar Vinha, a natural reserve. In summer, you will find many tourists on the bars around the beach, and it might be hard to park your car. But during the low season, you will see locals enjoying the place, and you will probably envy those ones who have a beach house. Do not worry; you can rent an apartment and spend a few days there, far from the chaos of the city.

The water is not the most beautiful one since it is brown and dark. However, what I like most in Praia de Setiba is to see how quiet the water is. There are almost no waves, and it is a perfect place for sea-bathing with kids. Also, the rocks where you can swim and jump into the water turn it into a fun place to go with friends. The temperature is pleasant, and at any time of the year, you will not freeze when getting out of the water. 

© Wikimedia Commons/ Raffa Justino
© Wikimedia Commons/ Raffa Justino

With my family, we used to take all the food and drinks we would consume, so we would not have to queue whenever we felt hungry or thirsty. You can do the same; just remember to watch out where you leave your stuff. You do not want anyone taking your food, right? 

Take loads of suncream and water and make sure you leave Praia de Setiba before 6 pm. Otherwise, you will drive in the night until Grande Vitória. Enjoy your sea bathing day!

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