Kopački rit Nature Park - by foot or on a bicycle

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Situated between Danube and Drava river, Kopački rit Nature Park is also place where one can see more than 300 bird species. Kopački rit Nature Park is one of 11 Croatian nature parks and it’s perfect to visit it during its ‘open door’ days in July. Besides wine and food tasting in Slavonia, and castle visiting Kopački rit Nature Park will be the perfect spot to take a brake and run from the summer heat.

Kopački rit Nature Park is actually a wetland – one of the most important in Europe. Swamps, ponds and backwaters make big water network in this part of Croatia and Europe. As the park is well preserved and organized during your visit you will walk around on the wooden trail. Also tours on the boats are possible.

Kopački rit Nature Park is home for more than 40 fish species, more than 140 species of plant and more than 260 bird species. While walking down the park you will “meet” storks, geese, ducks while deep in forest woodpecker will produce well-known sound. During the spring and summer you’ll be able to see those ponds “blooming” while over and over new birds will fly on the lakes and waters of Kopački rit. Water-lilies and reeds are well-preserved here and make beautiful scenery here. To make your visit more eco-friendly I recommend to visit Kopački rit Nature Park on your bicycle or just hiking from the city of Osijek. Renting bicycles is also possible inside the park.

Kopački rit Nature Park
Kopački rit Nature Park
Kopački Rit Nature Park, Kopačko jezero, 31327, Kopačevo, Хрватска

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