Cannoniera San Giovanni

viale delle 24129, Viale delle Mura, 7, 24129 Bergamo BG, Italy

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To enter the San Giovanni Casemate you have to go down a few meters under the ground by means of an iron staircase, in the rampart with the same name: this defensive structure was built right here, hundreds of years ago. Getting to the manoeuvre area of the casemate, perfectly restored, history suddenly becomes something tangible, as you immediately understand what was war like five hundred years ago. Casemates were used to allocate soldiers and cannons defending the city Walls. As you may notice, the embrasures don’t face the flatland: this is not a mistake, but a strategic choice! The cannons’ openings were guarded against the enemy fire, so that they could open fire to the enemy soldiers assaulting the walls. Once you got back to surface, you will notice a particular metal object. It’s a sundial, a very ancient tool reinterpreted by using contemporary features and materials: it can almost seem an art installation, indeed! PS:The bastion right over the casemate, San Giovanni Bastion, is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon. Its benches and its lawn invite you to stop over and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Lower Bergamo, or even to lie down and sunbathe, reading a good book.

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