Le BonJour

Gedimino pr. 46, 01110 Vilnius, Lithuania

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French Bistrot and Restaurant Experience how your time would have translated you into southern France, a restaurant surrounded by greenery, a passion in the fairy tale, where the walls suddenly come to life and the trees are spoken with you, while the grated grapes shock to the rhythm of Edith Piaf. Le BonJour is the fulfillment of dreams and creative joy. French culture is a gourmet food flowing in the air with a delicate, refined taste and a taste of the provans style. The restaurant "Le BonJour" is made out of the love of French food and culture. Authentic French style, playful and yet subtle service, a cozy atmosphere and creative atmosphere show you the desire to share what France has the best, and lunch or dinner in this restaurant will bring you the best experience of your palate, will lead you to a country of romantic mood. Here, every visitor will meet and accompany warmly, kindly and sincerely - as usual in the most welcoming Parisian cafes or restaurants. So why do not you need to go to Paris? ... ... First of all, on the palate of the onion soup, which is worthy of a gourmet, dreaming about the elegance of French culinary. The real French onion is one that you can only taste when you arrive in northern France. Here's what the story tells us: every year, when fishermen are preparing for cold waters (where they do not always come back), people gather together to celebrate even a few days, wear fancy dresses, drink beer, and eat heated onion soup. This carnival is still in Dunkirk today ... Le BonJour can also boast of the mouth-watering Foie Gras produced by kitchen masters. Foie Gras is a famous festive French meal served during St. Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. Foie Gras is part of France's protected cultural and culinary heritage. Well, the unusual dessert Tarte tatin, which was created by chance: sister Tatin tried to make an apple pie, but forgot to put a dough. In order to save the situation, it was placed on apples, which had already baked in the oven. When she caught her cake, she suddenly realized that the cake was "upside down", and then turned around again. The pie was delicious, it quickly became popular as a cake inverted by sisters Tatin.This is one of Le BonJour's favorite desserts - it is only competing with the Half Pancake Cake! And this is definitely not the last story you can hear in a restaurant. The restaurant serves both exclusive French cuisine and ideas adapted to Lithuanian taste (for example: it is possible to taste herring with potato sliced ​​and caramelized fried beetroots). A creative and creative team of ideas is amazed by the innovations that they share with their customers during tasting. In addition, the Michelin star chef from the Bon Bon restaurant in Paris offers a period of inspiration for the cuisine. It reveals and transmits the culinary delights that only genuine French chefs know. The daily lunch menu is updated daily and the restaurant menu is updated once a month. Each season has its own colors and flavors, so fresh garden and garden items always come with menus. A carefully selected selection of French regions, a laconic but far-reaching collection of wines, in which wine enthusiasts will appreciate the expressive taste of wine from the Bourgogne region of Henri Bourgeois les Baronnes Sancerre (2015) or the famous Chateau Le Thil Comte Clary Pessac in the Loire Valley in the famous French valley valley -Leognan (2012), as well as an excellent ratio of Le BonJour's wines to the price and quality. Vegetarians and vegans The restaurant takes into account the needs of the vegetarians, so try to add a vegetarian hot dish or lettuce on the afternoon. The main menu offers cold snacks, such as fried beetroot salad with lentils and goat cheese, pear lettuce with mildew cheese, fried vegetables and Brie cheese fantasy. Veggie offers fresh vegetable salads with pomegranate seeds, and the kitchen is ready to prepare a dish without ingredients of animal origin. Puppies: Restaurant Le BonJour offers a very bright and cozy fireplace room for parties, business dinners or family holidays. Integrated multimedia (projector and drop-down screen) makes this space great for conferencing, various events requiring audio / video demonstration. The restaurant has a piano, so live music can be played during the event, artists are invited to meet their individual needs. In the fireplace hall you can organize events for a group of 35 people. The fireplace hall borders on the Piano Store, by combining it can create a feast for a group of 70 people. The fireplace hall is 45 sq.m., the Piano Hall is 55 sq.m. the area. Bistro space on the first floor - 60 sq.m. total area. We also offer two balconies, where three to four people can sit comfortably. At the end of 2017, a wine bar with a space of about 100 square meters will be opened. We offer a selection of meals for the event from the restaurant menu, but we also take into account the wishes of the client when needed. We always have the most optimal solution that meets customer expectations. Outbound parties: Exit parties in Vilnius and Vilnius region Le BonJour cater to catering, indoors rental, service. In case of need or individual agreement, they can mediate and provide other services. For outings, we offer most of the restaurant menu items. Dishes are available from grocery snacks and desserts and the restaurant menu. The Le BonJour ensemble is made up of energy-thirsty people. We consider ourselves to be irreversible optimists. We want to be as close as possible to people: to always hear your desires and expectations, and in order to improve them. We wish you never miss the joy of life!

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