Theater Essen-Süd

Susannastraße 19a, 45136 Essen

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Create a reality, if only for a moment. We use our limited possibilities and ask ourselves - why should we go to the theater to see what is happening and not to see what happens to us? We want to give you something that inspires you to think while at the same time seeing with you what is happening to us at all. In intensive Kammerspielen from 1 to 4 people, we offer the actors full development and challenge you to their zenith. What do I draw out of myself and what do I pass on in my role? Am I playing or just feeling? We deal with Goethe and Shakespeare, Büchner or Chekhov and ask us what they can still tell us in the present time and what references there are to the current affairs. Are their words possibly more relevant than we think? Our productions are created with a small budget and low resources. The focus is on the small ensemble playing. Does a little step back help my partner and how does it work in the whole? Every little movement is perceived. We invite you to join our journey. Our small house offers 40 seats, where you can get a picture of our interpretations with a cool drink. We are happy to inform you about the informal conversation.

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