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Routes of Mythology; Discover Greece’s top mythical spots

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Travel Tips For Athens

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Being greek and while meeting people abroad, I’ve always been asked about the greek mythology and the life of the legendary gods of Olympus. People have always been wondering whether the greek mythology is something we’re being taught at school or something that’s being transmitted from generation to generation as a bed-time story, or maybe let’s say as a fairytale!

While living in Greece, even though I was familiar with all the mythical stories (indeed as I said, I grew up learning about Zeus and Hercules and a lot of other prominent mythological characters), I’ve never realised that the greek mythology is a such a huge topic of interest for people outside Greece. Questions and stories I’ve heard from friends and such facts inspired me to write this series of pages during which I present you some of the most mythological places and the stories hidden behind them!

After having finished presenting Greece’s top mythical spots, I am back with this page to beautifully sum it up for you and redirect you to each story separately!
If you love the greek mythology or if you have ever watched Percy-Jackson and enjoyed it, then keep reading cause I’m pretty sure you’re gonna appreciate the pages & the suggestions that are about to follow!

Here’s a route that is definitely recommended and worth following if you’re traveling to Greece and you’re a big fan of Mythology.

Mythology in Athens & its surroundings

The Parthenon, the greatest marvel of Acropolis with its imposing figure, Delphi and the Temple of Apollo, Poseidon’s temple and Epidaurus can all be found in the city of Athens and in its surroundings. Mythical stories and legendary facts hidden behind those are being revealed in detail in this page!

Mythology in Crete

The ruins in the archaeological site of Knossos that are believed to have been the home to King Minos and the mythical Minotaur, the Birthplace of Zeus & Phaistos which is one of three towns in Minoan Crete ruled by the children of Zeus and Europa, are just a few of the top mythical spots that can be found in the island of Crete.

Mythology in Peloponnese

Corinth a city-state in Ancient Greece, Sparta, and Olympia that was an important site of the most famous games in history, (the Olympic games) can be spotted in Peloponnese. At the same time, Arcadia that was considered to be a wilderness in which the god Pan resided, along with dryads, nymphs and other spirits is a place definitely worth visiting!

Olympus, the home of the 12 Olympian Gods.

When you’re thinking about the most iconic mountains of the world, I’m pretty sure that the Mt Olympus, located in Greece, has a spot in your list! Also known as the home of the 12 Olympian Gods, the Mount Olympus is place full of mythological facts and hidden meanings!

Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park, Grèce

The Odyssey, Ithaca

The Odyssey, which in my opinion is one of the greatest stories ever told, just has everything: Cyclops and lotus eaters, Circe turning sailors into swine, a wife conquered by suitors, a faithful to the end dog and a continuous tension that never ends! It’s a fantastic adventure, a quest, an affirmation of life – and it all ends in Ithaca where Odysseus after many troubles returns back home.

Ithaca, Odysseus' mythical island
Ithaca, Odysseus' mythical island
Ithaca, Greece

Ready to live your myth in Greece?

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