Where to travel in Greece based on your personality; the romantic traveller

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The options of where to go in Greece are seemingly endless, and they all look great. Whatever you’re after, a holiday in Greece has something for everyone, it’s just a question of knowing where to look!

I’ve multiple times found myself in conversations being asked for recommendations; “where should I go in Greece? what do you suggest as a local?” and my response was always “well, what do you like? what would you like to see so that I can somehow guide you?”. To me, choosing your ideal trip and planning your ideal route is definitely a matter of personality. Knowing what you like and what you’d enjoy the most while planning a big trip is somehow closely linked to the expectations you have when visiting this place. The more you know yourself, the better your research and planning will be!

To cut the story short, I’ve decided to create this series of pages during which I’ll provide you with a few routes and recommendations based always on your personality! Whether you’re an artsy traveller, a hopeless romantic soul, a devoted naturalist or a cosmopolitan adventurer, stay tuned cause I’m pretty sure that in this series you’ll find what you’re seeking for!

The romantic traveller

The famous Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde, once said of someone: “He must have a truly romantic nature, for he weeps when there is nothing at all to weep about.”

The romantics are very passionate people and can find laughter or sadness in situations where others don’t. The romantic traveller is a special category of people, who when travelling, appreciate spectacular viewpoints and sunsets more than you can actually imagine. They love travelling with their significant other and share their experiences with their beloved ones. They appreciate the good food, the fancy restaurants, the beautiful sunrises, as well as the long walks on the beach.

The romantic route


Santorini is actually breath-taking and as far as I know it’s a different kinda of island. Holidays in Santorini is the dream of a lifetime for many people. As it is the top tourist destination in Greece, the island is famous for its impressive caldera, the volcano and its romantic sunset. In fact, it is frequently included among the best destinations in the world. . The rich, blue Mediterranean ocean perfectly complements the signature blue domes of the many churches scattered around the island. This island truly is a sight to behold! Ride donkeys, climb its active volcano, go quad biking on crazy roads, enjoy the black sand beaches and dive into crystal clear waters! What’s not to love about this place?

The Saronic gulf islands

Within close distance from Athens, you can find the Argosaronikos’ islands, the real diamonds and the jewels of Argosaronic (Saronic) Gulf. Along with their antiquities, historical monuments and sightseeing, those picturesque small islands with their beautiful sandy or pebbled beaches offer multiple options for an unforgettable and relaxing weekend away from the city. Those islands are no doubt ideal for couples and travellers, who’re looking for an escape while in Athens!


One of the most impressive islands in Greece can be found among the famous Ionian islands. Zakynthos is definitely ideal for romantic travellers; swim in the unspoiled paradise beaches with the crystal clear waters, and feel enchanted by the impressive rocky coastlines and blue caves. Enjoy the spectacular view from the Navagio beach and make memories that you’ll never forget!


With clean water and surrounded by lush greenery, beaches in Corfu attract many visitors every summer. One of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, Corfu is located on the northern side of the Ionian Sea. It charms visitors with its Venetian style architecture, its lovely beaches and its relaxing feeling. What’s better than a romantic stroll in its enchanting old town?!

Stay tuned, the third part with suggestions for our naturalist friends is soon to be posted! Cheers!

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Chrisa Lepida

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