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The beauty of the village Viscri

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Travel Tips For Viscri

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Each country has its beauties: from busy cities to peaceful villages. One village in Romania, Viscri, became famous after Prince Charles of Wales bought a house there. In this story, I will make you discover the beauty of this picturesque place.

Where is Viscri?

Viscri 507039, Romania

In the heart of Transylvania, one can find the village of Viscri, built around its fortified church. The church itself is one of the 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania and an amazing Romanesque construction. The settlement was given the name „Alba Ecclesia” or „White Church”. It is an isolated village, and despite the old road, it is reachable by car. Once arrived, one may ask themselves what to do here.

7 things to do in Viscri

1. Visit the fortified church

The construction began in 1100, as the tombstone inscription in the cemetery near the church informs us. Around 1525 the first towers were added, and a defensive wall was built in the 18th century. The fortified church is placed on a hill, so visiting it also offers a panoromic view over the village and its picturesque landscape.

Not only is the church itself impressive, but it also houses a museum with textiles, a pottery, handmade agricultural tools, a traditional clothing and furniture.

2. Seek an accommodation in a local guesthouse

You may find yourself in love with this place and decide to spend a night here. In that case, one should definitely take the time to spend at least one night in one of the local guesthouses and experience all they have to offer.

3. Eat at the famous barn restaurant

In the house with the number 32, you will find a barn restaurant where you can relish traditional Romanian specialities. Don’t forget to try a pie, I have heard that it's delicious.

4. Take a walk through the village

Don’t forget to relax and take a walk through the village admiring the landscape and all this village has to offer.

5. Buy some socks

The crocheted socks made from an old wool were initially given in exchange for food by the local women. A German couple started a project involving 125 women in the village who knit socks, gloves, hats, sweaters and felt slippers that are then exported to Germany. But if you are in Viscri, take this souvenir with you.

6. See the cows parade

You should know that the cows leave in the morning to graze and come back in the evening. The village has about 300 cows, and in the evening, all the villagers wait to see the cows return. Join them!

7. Take a bike tour

Don’t worry, it is not necessary to take your bicycle with you, as you can rent one from the locals in Viscri. The off-road bicycle routes lead to the nearby villages and cities, and those are mostly the trails that go through the woods. One can surely admire some fantastic views. Enjoy the beauty of the village Viscri during your stay.

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The author

Eva Poteaca

Eva Poteaca

Hello, I am Eva from Bistrița, Romania. I studied art history and love to travel and discover hidden gems all over the world. Through my writing, I will share with you a different side of Romania.

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