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Your 3-day itinerary; Halkidiki (part 1)

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Summer is already approaching and some of you have managed to book your tickets on time and yes, you’re finally visiting Greece! You’re landing in Thessaloniki, the nymph of the north, and you have planned some sightseeing around the city. However, since it’s summer, you’re still wondering what would be the best and closest destination to Thessaloniki where you could actually live your greek myth and enjoy the amazingly promised sun and sea. You’ve done some research and you’ve asked some locals and I’m sure you got the same response; “You’re going to Thessaloniki? Then you should definitely plan a trip to Halkidiki, you won’t regret it”. So here I am, as another local, to confirm this statement and to convince you to travel to Halkidiki!

The greeks coming from the North usually say that you won’t find a place like Halkidiki anywhere in Greece, (san tin Halkidiki den ehi) and indeed they’re right. The region has the perfect combination of that distinctive greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colours and fragrances! This is a place where all your senses will come to life, whether on the endless expanses of sand of the fashionable, cosmopolitan beaches, or in the intimacy of the many secluded bays and coves. Halkidiki has plenty of must visit places and beaches that will definitely take your breath away.

Ready to discover them? Here’s your 3-day itinerary for an unforgettable experience in Halkidiki!

Day 1. From Thessaloniki to Nea Moudania

Only a few kilometres far from Thessaloniki, and specifically 54 km, you will find the beautiful coastal city of Nea Moudania. Known as the “first swimming stop” when driving from Thessaloniki, Moudania has everything you need for a perfect and affordable weekend! On the beach of Nea Moudania there are beach bars & water sports facilities, as well as many tavernas and restaurants where you can taste the most fresh and most delicious fish! Plenty of bars and cafes for the afternoons, and of course multiple nightclubs for your entertainment are awaiting to be discovered! An idyllic landscape is being offered at the top of the hill Panagia Korifini, which is actually a church whose location offers unforgettable views!

Day 2. From Nea Moudania to Afytos

After having spent a beautiful day at the city of Nea Moudania, it’s now about time you moved to the south! On your way there, you’ll encounter with one of the most iconic and most traditional coastal places of Halkidiki, the village of Afytos! Most houses are built of stone and they’re popular for their excellent architecture. Small squares, cobbled streets and traditional taverns create a beautiful scenery totally harmonized with the natural landscape. Its location – at a height above the sea and invisible from the main road below – has helped safeguard it from the tourism development that has engulfed so many other towns in the region, and has allowed it to acquire a loyal but more eclectic presence! PS. It’s a perfect location for a romantic escape!

Visit the traditional village Afytos
Visit the traditional village Afytos
Afitos 630 77

Day 3. From Afytos to Pefkohori

Continuing your road trip, Pefkohori is also a must-stop impressive spot that shouldn't’ be missing from your agenda! Its temperature, its climate, its magnificent natural surroundings, the beautiful beaches and the inhabitants' distinctive spirit of hospitality excited by the first groups of tourists, just make Pefkohori unique. Since the 70’s, it has been established as one of the most remarkable holiday resorts in Europe. For your accommodation, there are organised hotel complexes, studios and villas. Its market consists of a great variety of shops, providing for everyone's needs, while the typical taverns or the luxurious restaurants with their tasty creations and the exceptional local wines tempt you to indulge in gastronomic excess.

Pefkohori village
Pefkohori village
Pefkohori 630 85, Greece

If you liked the suggestions above and a road trip to Halkidiki seems like a holiday plan that you’d look for, then stay tuned…Halkidiki itinerary part 2 is coming soon! Cheers!

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