Delicious tips to cure your hangover in Thessaloniki

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Well, as it has already been mentioned before, Thessaloniki is one of the most popular youth destinations. It’s a city known for its wild nightlife, for its chill and relaxed culture and lifestyle, and of course for its delicious cuisine.

So let’s suppose you are a “lost” tourist waking up with a terrible hangover after a great night out... Where would you go?

How would you stop your hangover and save your day? You could definitely use some local’s advice, and here it is… We dare you to stop people on the street and ask for some food suggestions; I’ m pretty sure that the places that follow below, are the first ones that come to everyone’s mind. They guarantee a hangover-free day and of course a finger licking experience!

PS. You don’t need to spend more than 6 euros to get full! Check them out.

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Chrisa Lepida

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