Cover Picture credits © iStockphoto/ Kirillm
Cover Picture credits © iStockphoto/ Kirillm

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Aphrodite's rock in Paphos and the legend behind

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What about a little trip back in time when Cronus mutilated Uranus and a beautiful miracle of nature occurred?

Aphrodite’s Rock is the ocean birthplace of the mythical Greek goddess of love and beauty.

If you feel like living the legend, all you have to do is travel till Kouklia in Paphos; this is said to be the place where Cronus mutilated Uranus and Aphrodite came to life. The spectacular Aphrodite´s rock, also known as "Petra tou Romiou" is an impressive sea stack located in Paphos.

This amazing and famous rock formation can be found off the shore along the road from Paphos to Limasol and it is definitely worth stopping by to admire the beauty of nature offered right at this spot. The sea in this region is generally rough, so swimming is not allowed to those passing by or visiting. Furthermore, cliff climbing is also prohibited, however you can always enjoy the view from the top, as well as the delicious food in the restaurants nearby. If you want to spend the night too, a resort that is located in a close proximity can offer you all you need.

Photo Credit © iStockphoto/ f8grapher
Photo Credit © iStockphoto/ f8grapher

But what makes this place different from the rest sightseeing options while in Paphos?

The legend

This rock formation is believed to be where the goddess Aphrodite was born. According to legend, Gaia (mother earth) asked one of her sons, Cronus to mutilate his father, Uranus (Sky), and this is how the story goes... Cronus cut off Uranus' testicles and threw them into the sea- that is the reason why this region is generally rough and swimming is prohibited. 

Another local legend says that Aphrodite´s rock is part of the lower body of Uranus. The legend says that actually Cronus ambushed his father and cut him below the waist with a scythe. Uranus to his attempt to escape, tried to fly but he lost parts of his truncated body and testicles into the sea. Then a white foam appeared and a maiden arose. This maiden was first taken to Kythera by the waves and then brought to Cyprus. The name of the maiden was of course Aphrodite and as you can imagine, she was the so-called goddess that everyone nowadays know.

Photo Credit © iStockphoto/ hateom
Photo Credit © iStockphoto/ hateom
It is said that in certain weather conditions, the waves rise, break and form a column of water that dissolves into a pillar of foam. With imagination, this momentarily looks like an ephemeral, evanescent human shape. Other popular myths tell that swimming around the rock three times will bring various blessings, including eternal youth and beauty, good luck, fertility and true love.

The modern name

As you read at the beginning, the rock has two names, and especially among the locals it is commonly known as "Petra toy Romiou" ( Rock of the Roman). In fact, it is associated with the exploits of the local hero Basil, who was half Arabic and half Byzantine. Legend has it that Basil hurled a huge rock, the Rock of the Roman, from the Troodos mountain, so as to keep off the invading Saracens.

Aphrodite´s Rock
Aphrodite´s Rock
Kouklia, Chipre

After visiting the Aphrodite's rock, do not miss out on enjoying the serene pebble beach nearby to see the sunlit waters during the day and the romantic views offered, when the sun descends beyond the horizon.

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Anastasia Bartzi

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