Belgrade's sweetest: Smokvica bar

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Little nirvana in the city center

I hope you are in the mood for some sweets, as we are continuing our journey of the Belgrade’s sweetest. But not only that, as this place will be a warm melody for all your senses. If you want to feel the urban charm of Belgrade and visit one of the definitely most popular places in the city, Smokvica Café/Restaurant of Belgrade in Dorcol is the right destination for you.

Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Old Town, Belgrade, Serbia
Smokvica bar Belgrade
Smokvica bar Belgrade
Gospodar Jovanova 45, Beograd, Србија

Situated in the very center of the city, this attractive and relaxing place will give you an indescribable pleasure. Not only does it have one of the most beautiful gardens and the fig tree that adorns it, by after which the café got its name (Smokvica= littlefig). What makes this place so special is the it is perfectly fits in the concept of the locale and the people who visit it. Smokvica is designed in an eclectic style that predominates white and green, so do not be surprised if the artistic decorations everywhere gives you the feeling of Mediterranean.

Particular comfort is provided with an indoor section that boasts warm shades, soft lighting and extraordinary relaxing music. The fusion of the nationality of the owners of this restaurant will be transferred to you, as in Smokvica,.you may expect a whole spectrum of different dishes, ingredients and culinary techniques originating from different cultures and countries. Mexican specialties such as tassos and kesadilla, American Burgers, Israeli hummus to light Mediterranean salads and many more are offered in the decadent menu.

In order to indulge in all your senses, Smokvica initiates that enthusiasm for gastronomic and aesthetic experience. Smokvica is unique by its warm, creative ambiences of the Provencal style. My favorite Smokvica cafe, among several of them located in Belgrade, is definitely the one at Dorcol, as it gives you a unique opportunity to find yourself in the legendary historical house from 1904, built by the first female architect in Serbia, Jelisaveta Nacic. I love to go there for a great coffee and refreshing Limunana (lemonade with mint), but also for the uniquely relaxing garden atmosphere at the very center of the city. If you are fond of rich, colorful and exciting breakfast, then I cannot suggest you a better place. Warning! You might need to take a siesta after this one.

Finally, we are coming to the best part – the sweets. You would know that a sweet tooth like myself would definitely appreciate a place with wide variety of choices, such as this one. Indeed, the cake repertoire is different from Smokvica to Smokvica, but the best part is that the menu with cakes is regularly enriched. There are also Weekly Specials, which present the brand new cake of the place every week. So far, the ultimate best ones that you have to try out are Smokvica Cheese Cake with caramel; Tart Tatin - caramelized apples, crispy dough, vanilla ice cream;White hawked hazelnut - served with vanilla sauce and ice cream. Are your mouth watering yet? I hope all of this is convincing enough to check out this amazing place called Smokvica.

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