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Improve your mood in Endorfin bar in Belgrade

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Endorphin for your mind and soul

It has been a long week at work, and you really need to catch a break and blow of some steam. You have been constantly working hard, without any rest. Or simply you had a rough day and you would like to find a perfect chill spot that will at the same time relax you and make you happy. Or bottom line, maybe you did not even work that much, but you need something to lift you up. The usual methods of caffeine, walks in nature and sweets are not working. Well, did you know that endorphin hormone is in charge of your mood. Therefore, allow me to take you to a place that will dramatically improve your endorphin level. Coincidentally or not, the place is called Endorfin Bar, located in Dorcol, Stari Grad (Old Town) of Belgrade.

Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
2 ČUMIĆEVA, 11102, Beograd (Stari Grad), Grad Beograd, Beograd, Serbia
Endorfin bar in Belgrade
Endorfin bar in Belgrade
Braće Jugovića 3, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Endorphins exhibit a number of neurological effects associated with the relief of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.

Are you excited yet? Join me at this modern, multi - purpose hip spot that is a coffee shop, bar, beer shop and a critically acclaimed restaurant, all at once. Quite a pleasant shock for your senses and hormone level.

You may say that I am subjective, but there are so many interesting and unique places in Belgrade that they do not get enough of a credit they deserve. The same is for Endofrin bar, which is a true example that the saying “simplicity is a matter of taste” is absolutely correct. The wonderful interior of the café is very minimalistic you would think, but quite pleasant and enjoyable.

When it comes to beer, if you are an avid drinker, then you have found the perfect spot for you. In Endofrin bar you may find an admirable variety of craft beer, with many different flavors.

However, if you are more of a hedonist for different exciting dishes, then you came to the right place. If you are a fan of breakfast and brunch for champions, here you can find the best meals with poached eggs and avocados, but also traditional Serbian ustipci with kajmak, that will keep you full at least until dinner time. And if you love meet, oh boy, in Endorfin bar you may find a specially prepared steak cooked in of course, craft beer.

If you read any of the Belgrade’s sweetest guides, than you would know I am a sweet tooth and Endorfin café is just the right place for the sweet taste. Their choice of desserts, from salty caramel chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and crispy chocolate will leave you speechless.

However, if you thought Endorfin bar is just a place to eat and chill well, then you are so mistaken. In the early evening, while walking though Old Town, you will hear some jazz vibes coming out of this bar, followed by predominantly deep house, ambient and disco music. If you are a gin lover, then you do not want to miss the most popular Gin nights, taking place every Wednesday. You will have the unique opportunity to taste a variety of cocktails and extremely delicious finger food.

And there you have it, Endorfin bar, café and restaurant that has all the best things in one, and that is promising to boost your endorphin to a whole new level. Stay tuned to find out more about this precious spots.

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