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Belgrade's sweetest: Ispeci pa reci

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Who is up for some original American cookies?

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you cannot resist them. Their smell while they are being baked is beautifully distracting – it will make you stop whatever you have been doing, and make you want to try them. If you haven’t guessed so far, I am talking about the majesty of cookies. Obviously, as I am a great fan of them, I avoid trying even one, single bite as I know it is difficult to stop there. Whenever I was in the states, I enjoyed having a small taste of the greatest variety of homemade cookies. Well, guess what? I have great news for you – you don’t need to go to the USA to try out decadent cookies. All that can be found just around your corner, in Dorcol Stari Grad (Old Town) of Belgrade. Continuing our journey of the Belgrade’s best cookie, allow me to present you the sweetest and the cutest spot where you can eat the best of the original American cookies – Ispeci pa reci in Belgrade, Serbia.

Ispeci pa reci
Ispeci pa reci
Gundulićev venac 34, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
2 ČUMIĆEVA, 11102, Beograd (Stari Grad), Grad Beograd, Beograd, Serbia

Among all the amazing places where you can enjoy in la crème de la crème of desserts, the authentic American cookies were really missing in Belgrade. As a matter of fact, in Ispeci pa reci bakery you can try out the greatest variety of American pies, carrot cakes, banana bread, brownies and muffins, all in the very center of the city. I would warmly suggest you to not leave the place without trying the ultimate classic – chocolate chip cookie. Warning! You may get addicted and have chocolate all over your outfit (not that I am talking from experience). Also, among the great variety of muffins, go for the carrot cake, especially if you are a cinnamon fan. Rumor has it that Ispeci pa reci bakery has the absolute best brownies in Belgrade, which you should have with the most delicious café latte or a traditional expresso! If this is not a hint how to spend summer in Belgrade in the best way possible, then I don’t know what is.

The incredibly creative and talented owner Senka Pajic said she got the idea for the interior of the Ispeci pa reci from the American pop culture, after watching the most famous TV movies and series. According to Senka, Ispeci pa reci is a touch of Taylor Swift and a slice of Gilmore Girls. The place is so wonderfully and completely vintage, pastel and pink, that it will definitely remind you of Senka's goal behind this. She is indeed one of the people who made her dreams come true. After years in the stressful marketing job, she started baking as an anti-stress hobby, that soon became one of the greatest start-ups. According to Senka, the emphasis is on the highest quality ingredients which you can feel in each bite. You can visit this gorgeous pastry shop and enjoy your food while swinging in the shop’s yard, listen to relaxing music and indulging in each and every bite of Senka’s American sweets.

Interestingly enough, the name of the place is a great word play. The idiom "ispeci pa reci" means "think before you speak", but in literal translation it implies to baking before talking. Maybe that explains why cookies, pies and cakes are made of top quality ingredients. You will definitely return to this place because of the delicacies, and not only because this place is one of the most Instagramables in Belgrade. Because everyone needs a little something sweet in their lives.

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