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Belgrade's sweetest: Coffee Dream

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Travel Tips For Belgrade

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Sweet Paradise for coffee lovers

Excited to try out the sweetest coffee in town? You are in luck, as we are continuing our journey of the Belgrade’s sweetest-the finest guide for the best desserts in the city. Indeed, we have tried those glorious Ferninand Knedle (dumplings) and magnificently renowned Moskva Shnit, but what is coming next is a bit of an acquired taste. However, I am pretty sure that everyone, those who adore sweet things and those who prefer less sweet delicacies, will find their special treat in this amazing place. Allow me to introduce you to, not so secret, paradise of sweet coffee, Coffee Dream in Belgrade.

Everything begins from a dream. Everybody has a dream. Dreams are different and usually we cannot recall them. We had a dream. It was a dream about coffee, about a place where you can drink the best coffee. Not to forget that dream,in 2006, we created our first, Coffee Dream.

Their dream about coffee has been realized in 20 locations in Belgrade and in one in Kragujevac. They say that in each one of the places they kept one dream to be fulfilled. The main premise behind this idea for the creative and rather successful coffee and sweets franchise in Belgrade has been to raise standards, bring something innovative and most importantly – create a place where a coffee ritual goes beyond a mere habit and becomes a pure pleasure.

Indeed, you can imagine the success of a place like this one in a city where people adore having long, not so quiet, conversations over coffee. It goes beyond just having a cup of joe. Coffee Dream is a place that brings sipping sweet coffee in a nice, outdoor ambient to a whole new level. It is a place where you can perfectly begin your day with high quality coffee, while enjoying the sun but also a perfect spot to spend a lovely afternoon with your friends, full of laughter and happiness. And let me begin talking about their sweet delicacies! It would be a sin to go to Coffee Dream without trying out their sweet coffees, with chocolate, vanilla, caramel flavors served with wiped cream, either hot, cold, or, for the most stressed out ones, with alcohol. Trust me, you will be confused upon seeing the list and really unable to make a decision which one to pick. (happens every single time)

Apart from hot and cold teas, and freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes and frappes, you simply must try out their most famous desserts. If you are really into cakes, Coffee Dream will not disappoint you there, as it offers an array of renowned sweets such as tiramisu, cheese cake, chocolate soufflés and many more. The thing you simply must try out there are their trademark fruit cups and frappes, that come in many different shapes and variances. Luckily, friendly staff will be at your disposal to help you make a rather difficult decision of choosing. My warm suggestion is a mix of red fruit, greek yougurt and honey.

I believe all the mentioned reasons are convincing enough to try out these amazing sweets in Coffee Dream. You can check them out in several locations in Belgrade, but my favorite one is at Knez Mihailova street, at the very center of the city. So, what are you waiting for? After all, never give up your dreams. Life is way too short for a bad cup of coffee.

Coffee Dream in Belgrade
Coffee Dream in Belgrade
Nikola Spasic, Belgrade, Serbia
Knez Mihailova Street
Knez Mihailova Street
Kneza Mihail, Belgrade, Serbia

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