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Djura Bar in Belgrade

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Travel Tips For Belgrade

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Little Berlin in the heart of Belgrade

I think it is high time we have started our journey through Serbian capital after the sunset. No matter where you live, I am pretty sure you have heard about the wild Balkan parties and celebrations. You see, Balkan people love to celebrate, without any particular reason. In the Balkan region, Belgrade night life is definitely considered as one of the best. You may think that I am subjective, but hear me out! There are so many reasons, apart from extreme variety, hospitality and affordability of places that make Belgrade as number one party city in the region. But there is also that added X factor which cannot be explained by many. So you definitely need to stay tuned and join me on this journey.

Djura Bar in Belgrade
Djura Bar in Belgrade
62 Venizelosova st., Belgrade, Serbia

Today, we are beginning with something a little bit lighter. A place where you can have extraordinary coffee during the day, enjoy a delicious bite of delicate cuisine while listening to the most amazing life performances and finally, warming up for the most memorable night out. Some even refer to this place as the little Berlin in the heart of Belgrade. Allow me to present you the place where hospitality and parties are taken on a whole new level – Djura Bar in Belgrade.

In the very heart of Belgrade, in the Dorcol Stari Grad (Old Town), you will see a bar with the coolest outdoor space. Some of you may be even surprised to see it is quite close to the street and urban traffic. Once you notice how outgoing and laidback the crowd in Djura Bar is, you will simply go along with it.

Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Dorcol, Stari Grad Beograd
Old Town, Belgrade, Serbia

If you find yourself there around the noon, ready to have some relaxing, coffee break and the most pleasant conversation, Djura Bar will most certainly not disappoint you. You will be in luck to try the most amazing variety of caffeinated beverages. As a matter of fact, Djura Bar staff puts an accent on 7 different types of Arabian, espresso coffee. Trust me, it is something you will not be able to resist, even if you are not an avid coffee drinker. My warm suggestion is to try out the most exotic Djura cappuccino with added plum, cinnamon, black chocolate and caramel flavor together with fresh milk.

Once you enter inside the bar, after being greeted by the loveliest managers of Djura Bar, you will notice that the interior is decorated as a resemblance to Berlin wall, hence the comparison. Wood and brick are quite predominant aspects, among the many other details that will definitely grab your attention. The open fireplace, along with the extraordinary service, will most certainly provide a feeling of home atmosphere. It is definitely a place where you want to stay for a while.

Finally, we are getting to the most interesting part – the night atmosphere. Fridays and Saturdays in Djura Bar are an amazing opportunity to warm up for other clubs. Excellent DJs and extreme variety of wines will fulfill your evening. For the electronic music lovers, this is a dream place, as it offers several nights per month dedicated to this kind of music. Moreover, you will have a chance to try out Japanese beer that is a regular on the menu, while listening to some fun and soul, as well as live jazz on Sunday.

After all, Djura Bar in the very heart of Belgrade is definitely your place of choice anytime, especially during the weekend. Excellent service, warm hearted people and high quality drinks will certainly make you feel at home. Djura Bar will be the kind of place you go to as a warm up for the upcoming party, but instead you stay there until the next morning. Because why leaving, if it makes you feel that good?

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Lejla Dizdarevic

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