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Belgrade is one of the most bohemian cities in Europe, so in order to maintain this status, it must be in constant flow with the world trends. Once you visit, you will be sure that it is so. It is very easy for an Instagrammer to find inspiration, and consequently making a list of inspirations or selecting it, would be a difficult task. I want to mention three things that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Belgrade.

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Belgrade yards

In Belgrade, pay attention to the little yards in which you can glimpse through the tall gates. Some unusual tranquility occurs in these interstices in this European Balkan city. I advise you curiously to peek into the Belgrade yards in the old part of the city. Small colorful worlds are hiding there. Many cafes are set in this "in-between" spaces- to be in a public place, and still be at home.

Sip and bite

Did someone mention coffee? Yes, that would be my second suggestion for an inspiration, coffee and food. Everywhere! It is easy to track the logic of the existence of so many cafes in Belgrade. There’s an intense nightlife that needs caffeine injections. On the other hand, I am completely confused by the persistence of the number of small restaurants. They have delicious assortments and people here are so handsome and in good shape!

…and the sky? Oh, my! Oh, my!

My third suggestion is the most romantic part of Belgrade, the beautiful sky. The choice is on you, whether it will be the sky touched by the extraordinary modern architecture or the sky combined with the two rivers at Kalemegdan or just the sky. You can't be wrong. This “white city” is blessed with a beautiful sky.

Belgrade is one of the most prosperous cities for young artists. It is really impossible to stay here without inspiration. Do visit!

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