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Brescia: The Hidden Gem of Lombardy

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Have you heard about the city Brescia in the North of Italy? It is actually one of the most prominent cities in northern Italy. Close to Milan, it can be reached easily by train and is an enlightening day trip from the capital of Lombardy.

People tend to skip small cities and go for well-known ones such as Milan and Verona, and I think it is a big mistake. My main purpose to visit Brescia was to do a quick research for my dissertation in an exhibition about food in art - the exhibition was really enjoyable. Apart from temporary events, Brescia has many hidden gems that would blow the minds of history buffs. Located within its extended industrial area, the historic center of Brescia is astonishingly full of impressive monuments, each with its own charm. Some of the most famous sights are the Capitolium of Brixia, Piazza della Loggia, the Old and the New Cathedral. Do you know that Brescia has one of the most well-preserved Roman ruins and that the Brescia's New Cathedral has the third highest dome in Italy?

When I first visited Brescia, I was impressed by the supreme tranquility of the city. It was even lovely to walk in the rain as there were not many cars or tourists around. Its tranquility was a perfect contrast to the crowds in Milan. Even if you are not into history and architecture, I still highly recommend Brescia for a relaxing stroll. Apart from the monuments in the historic center, Castello di Brescia on a wooded hill is also worth visiting, especially if you enjoy long walks.

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