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Discover the Moulin de Moidrey – a stunning Norman windmill

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Travel Tips For Normandy

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Only five kilometers from the Mont Saint-Michel, you can discover the Moulin de Moidrey, a stunning Norman windmill. Recognizable thanks to its white wings and its particular location at the top of a dune, this windmill is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit to this place is great, especially for children, which will be amazed by the windmill wings as well as seeing how flour is made traditionally. This is also a wonderful spot for those looking for a perfect view over the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. At the end of your visit, don't forget to buy some organic buckwheat flour from the windmill shop. This is an excellent opportunity to make some buckwheat galettes at home. 

Moulin de Moidrey, Pontorson
Moulin de Moidrey, Pontorson
Rue des Moulins Moidrey, 50170 Pontorson, France

About the Moulin de Moidrey

Opened in 1806, the Moulin de Moidrey was closed and abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century. Almost 100 years later, in 2003, this old mill was finally restored. Even though it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, this windmill is not a museum. Actually, this is one of the rare mills in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, which is still in use and producing flour according to the traditional methods. Mickaël Letranchant, a miller, is making flour from buckwheat, wheat, and rye, that he sells in the windmill shop. This miller also ensures interesting group visits to the Moulin de Moidrey

View over the Mont Saint Michel

After this enjoyable visit to the Moulin de Moidrey and a quick stop to its shop, make sure to sit in front of this windmill. The view over the Mont Saint Michel, France's most recognizable landmark, is simply breathtaking from this spot. As one of Europe's major Christian pilgrimage destinations, it is crowded at any time of the year with tourists from all over the world. But, the situation is entirely different at the Moulin de Moidrey. Although even here, tourists are wandering around and trying to take the best possible photo, you can still enjoy the view. While the sheep graze peacefully on the pastures around the windmill, you can relax by listening to the constant, but the calming sound of the windmill wings. Take your time and enjoy this most beautiful spot in Normandy.

© Sladjana Perkovic
© Sladjana Perkovic

Practical information

To discover the Moulin de Moidrey, a stunning Norman windmill, you should take the road 976 going from Pontorson to the Mont-Saint-Michel. This place is also easily accessible by bike. Make sure to take the Véloscénie, which is 450 kilometers bike route going all the way from the Notre-Dame de Paris to the Mont-Saint-Michel. This windmill is right on the path connecting the Mont-Saint-Michel to Pontorson. You can also take the Tour de Manche, a bike route going from Dunkerque to Roscoff. The Moulin de Moidrey is open every day except between mid-November and early February. The group visits last for about half an hour, and they are available daily from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, and from 2:30 pm to 7 pm. The price of this visit is 4 euros for adults and 2,5 for children. 

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