Backo Mini Express Museum

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The model extends on 8 levels, from the height of 280 cm to -10 cm (as the trains run below the floor level and pass under visitor’s legs). Around 15 trains are driven on the model at any time, as the other are arranged on 3 shunting stations (two located at a height of 280 cm have 40 gauges, and the third, located under the model, at a height of 40 cm has 18 gauges). Besides shunting stations, the model has three railway stations, one of which has 10 gauges, and the two smaller ones have 4 gauges. Trains come down onto the model from 280cm using two helixes, which are located one on each side of the model. Helix is, in the railway model an expression for a spiral structure with one or two gauges by which the railway is lowered or raised to the desired height, and thanks to the circular setting, without occupying a large area. Greater helix has 22 levels and two gauges, while the smaller one has 7 levels, with also, two gauges. Thanks to digital technology, the entire system is controlled by several computers, and through video surveillance and a series of related displays, the operator has control over the entire railroad (including those parts that are invisible to visitors, such as: tunnels and the base of the model).

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