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Unique museums in Zagreb - how and where to find them

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Zagreb City Museum, Mimara Museum, Arts and Crafts Museum, Art Pavilion, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb Ethnographic Museum, Croatian History Museum… and the list goes on and on. These and many other museums in Zagreb are important and worth of visiting. Zagreb definitely is the city of museums. What also is specific are the unique or let’s say peculiar museums in Zagreb. Here I’ll show you how and where to find them.

You are on the main square in Zagreb – Ban Jelačić’s square. From this point easily you can visit all those museums. They’re all located in Zagreb centre or can be approached by public transportation. I calculated on the map and the distance is less than 2km which means – you can do it by foot or just hop on blue tram and get to Ilica street.

So, we will go to Ilica street (right hand side from Ban Jelačić’s square, house number 72) to Museum of Illusions - multiply yourself, trick your eyes, test your brain and eyesight. It’s impossible to leave Zagreb without a photo from this museum.

Then, few blocks away in Gundulićeva Street we will see the beautiful Backo Mini Express Museum. Where group of train and model enthusiasts work hard on this model. Amazing model. You will not believe your eyes (just like in Museum of Illusions) when seeing this great model.

After train fascination we will pass by Zagreb 360° observation deck, Ban Jelačić’s square and head to Radićeva Street. There at house number 14 we will visit the Museum of Torture – a dark and scary place. This museum will take us back to dark ages and remind us that torture is not a solution.

A dozen of street numbers away in the same street we will enter Zagreb 80's Museum (Radićeva Street no. 34). Welcoming place where all nostalgic people will find something to remind themselves about the “golden age” of the 80’s. On the way to last two mentioned you can see/visit the Mushroom Museum where all the mushrooms look freshly picked.

And last but not the least – let’s think about our love life. Let’s think about the people who survived painful relationship breaks. In the Museum of Broken Relationships face the reality and think about love in some other ways.

This tour never ends because Zagreb offers a lot more. Many small galleries, exhibitions and street art. Each one mentioned museum has its own working schedule and prices so better check those information on museums’ official webpages.

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