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Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

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Have you ever been to Zagreb in Croatia? Well, if you haven't visited Zagreb for advent in December then this spring is the best time to visit it and to visit its Museum of Illusions. It's one of the peculiar museums of Zagreb alongside with Museum of broken relationships and Museum of torture. I will start with one question. Do you believe that reality is just like you see it through your eyes? Yes? Well, after visiting the Museum of Illusions you will figure out that you're wrong. Here, many things are different. Let's now sneak in this museum and check what is hidden inside. the photos we have here are not photoshopped and we have them thanks to our friends from the Museum of Illusions.

Imagine visiting the museum where you can touch all the museum pieces and be part of the exhibition. Now, imagine a museum where you can challenge your eyes and your brain and how good they work. All that and much more you will see in the Museum of Illusions. this museum is located in Ilica street in the center of the city. After visiting all important places in Zagreb you definitely should come and visit this great one too.

Don’t think that this museum won’t make you think and that is made just for fun. You will think so while standing in front of some parts of the permanent exhibition and asking yourself or your friends "how is this possible". Maybe “a head on the plate” or playing with perspective are the most famous pieces here but my favorites are upside-down room and holograms - both to take a photo and to think and think twice and to think again "how is this possible".

This Museum of illusions is a place where you should definitely come with your friends and your family. On the other hand, when I was there for my first time it was a rainy day and I was alone. But that didn't stop me to come to this amazing museum and meet new friends. Also, the museum organizes some workshops and special exhibitions also some of them dedicated to kids.

Museum of Illusions (Muzej iluzija), Zagreb
Museum of Illusions (Muzej iluzija), Zagreb
Ilica 72, 10000, Zagreb, Croacia

Some people see it as an entertainment some like real museum. No matter how you classify it one thing is guaranteed – you will wish to go back and take one more photo. After visiting Museum of Illusions my Instagram feed was full of photos from this museum. Challenge your mind, eyes, perception and be creative while visiting this funny but also good-organized museum. The Museum of Illusions is open from 9 AM to 10 PM. As they say “you won’t believe your eyes”.

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