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Maastricht has a rich cultural history with different characters in every corner of the city. She has been hosting many cultures in the past dating back to Celtic tribes that roamed the area around 500 B.C. The Romans established a permanent settlement in order to easily cross over the Meuse River where two military roads met around the time of Julius Caesar. They called the establishment ‘Traiectum Ad Mosam’, or ‘The crossing over the Meuse River’, which eventually evolved into Maastricht. Maastricht has a lot to offer for active visitors that want to explore this magical region. The city is also home to many museums, most notably the Bonnefanten museum of art, and good Burgundian food which can be discovered in Maastricht's many restaurants, bars and cafes. Maastricht is also very known to people that are into shopping. - written by Leander Vranken

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Pascal Goergen

Pascal Goergen


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