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Did you ever visit the region of Ardennes? For citizens, it can be a haven of peace but for others it can be a place where there is absolutely nothing to do! Since the time I can remember, I passed each holidays in this region & my parents needed to find a bunch of activities that I can do... And they actually find a lot! I selected for you the best activities you can do in this region including kayaking to the visit of Sedan Castel.

Ardennes is a beautiful region in Belgium. Maybe the place where you stay will be away from everything and you will have to take your car to buy bread or go the cinema. You have to live differently than in big cities and enjoy the moment. Taking your car will be more pleasant than in the city: beautiful landscapes and no traffic jams!

Let me explain to you why you have to visit this beautiful region in Belgium:


There are two beautiful castles in the region: the castle of Sedan & the castle of Bouillon.

The castle on Bouillon was built in the 13th century! The visitors can climb up to the tower of Autriche and discover a breathtaking panorama of the town and the river.

What I prefer in the Castle of Sedan is the historical reconstruction. It's maybe a little cheap but I love to at it after visiting all the castle. Plus, the children really like it. Be careful, they ask to visitors to play games sometimes ...

Château de Bouillon
Château de Bouillon
6830 Bouillon, Belgium
Château fort de Sedan
Château fort de Sedan
Place du Château, 08200 Sedan, France


Did you know that Ardennes was at the border with France? In a few kilometers you can cross the border and enjoy a day In Charleville-Mézière. What I love the most is during the Christmas season enjoying the "Marché de Noêl" at Ducale square. You can enjoy a mulled wine during your children enjoying a tour on the great wheel.

Place Ducale in Charleville
Place Ducale in Charleville
08000 Charleville-Mézières, France

Another funny town is Redu. If you like to read you definitely need to go there! Redu is the village of books since 1984. There are so many bookshops. Each summer, they organize the "Grand Marché du livre".

Redu, village du livre
Redu, village du livre
Redu, 6890 Libin, Belgique


It's not a surprise, Ardennes is a place for hiking. I selected for you my best spots to hike!

Le Marais des Hauts Buttés: it's a nature reserve. There are no trails, so you can go wherever you like to admire the nature around.

La Croix Scaille: it actually is the place to be. At the peak season, there can be a lot of people there, but still, I really like to wander there. There are many different types of trekking paths to follow.

Le tombeau du Géant: when I was a child, I really enjoyed the place. There are statues all along the way, all can be a pretext to take pictures with them in the background. At the end, when the weather allows, you can enjoy the river.

Le Parc Naturel Régional des Ardennes: If you want to go there, you have to cross the french border. My favorite memory there was when we made our first wild camping, under the stars.

La Meuse: my parents like biking a lot. Their favorite spot is the Meuse, not only for the landscape but also because it's quite easy. You will have no drops here, unlike in other parts of the Ardennes.


If you don't like hiking and you already visited the castles. I selected for you other kinds of activities...

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