Kayaking in another river than the Lesse: Semois

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When the weather in the south of Belgium gets warmer, one activity becomes very popular... Kayaking. Everywhere in the river you can spot blue or red kayaks. The best-known place to kayak in Belgium is the Lesse. But if you don't really appreciate crowded places full of tourists or you have already been kayaking many times in the Lesse, I recommend you to try to kayak on the Semois, the hidden gem of kayaking.

The bron of the Semois is in Arlon very close to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it flows for 213 km before finishing in the Meuse in France. The river goes to many famous places in the South of Belgium like Bouillon, Chiny, Florenville and Herbeumont.

The river is really pleasantly surrounded by a lot of green nature. Sometimes the river is really wide or sometimes with swift currents. All along the river you will find campers, fishermen or people enjoying a cold beer.

Regarding kayaking and camping, L' Ami Pierre is a really nice place to rent your kayak and still a rather unknown spot. You can easily park your car near the bar (really nice to taste an ice cream or a beer there after the effort). And ask for a kayak whenever you want between 9.30 am and 6 pm. If the weather isn't good, check first if you are allowed to navigate on the Semois.

Camping & Kayak - L'ami Pierre
Camping & Kayak - L'ami Pierre
Rue de Liboichant 11, 5550 Vresse-sur-Semois, Belgique

After choosing the distance you want to navigate (between 7 to 25 kilometers), you will put all of your personal values in a hermetic box (you can also leave them at the cafe). For free, the shuttles will bring you to your starting point. At the end of your trip, you will just have to make a quick phone call to the shuttle bus and he will bring you back at the cafe.

The kayak is really comfortable and seems really nice compares to the other I have seen on the river. Plus, the price is cheaper than in other places. If you're a big group, you can ask for a reduction. If you want a solo kayak, you have to pay one more euro.

I will recommend you, when the sun is shinning, to bring glasses and a hat to protect you from the sun. Something to drink and to eat can be perfect for a break at the side of the Semois.

6 different itineraries exist, choose the one which suits with your envy:

- 7 kilometres from Alle to Vresse - 2h - 12,50 €

- 10 kilometres from Poupehan to Alle - 2h - 15 €

- 11 kilometres from Alle to Membre - 3h - 16 €

- 17 kilometres from Alle to Bohan - 4h - 19 €

- 18 kilometres from Poupehan to Vresse - 4h - 19 €

- 25 kiometres from Bouillon to Alle - 6h - ! only one start at 9.30am - 23 €

Be aware that the Semois isn't a deep river. Sometimes there isn't enough water and you have to go out your kayak to push it and then kayak again.

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