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Aachen: Where Germany meets Belgium and the Netherlands!

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Travel Tips For Aix-la-Chapelle

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Aachen, a Baroque city, is located at the North part of the Germany. This spa-city with great history is at the point where Germany borders meet Belgium and the Netherlands and also forming the economic region called the Euregio! In this medieval styled city, you can admire lovely buildings, gorgeous city gates, cute fountains and many more. It is not only a point where countries meet, it is also a city of where Baroque style meets modernity. To reach this worth visiting city, you can fly to Maastricht-Aachen airport which is 40 km away from Aachen or take a bus/train. It is a big city to discover but you can walk in the Old Town since it's not that big and you can use the extensive line of buses to get to know the city better.

Aachen is famous for it's old town and historical landmarks but the most famous one is the Aachen Cathedral. In this standing history, more than 30 Kings were crowned, 12 Queens were anointed and inside the Cathedral you can see the Palace Chapel from the year 800, the Gothic choir from 14th Century, bronze railings, golden masterpieces, beautiful glasswork and many more! This important venue for pilgrimage is on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage! Inside this amazing Cathedral, you can also get to see the burial place of Charlemagne - and his white marble imperial throne- and the cathedral treasury. Also in every seven year, you can get to see Christ’s loincloth, Mary’s cloak, the clothes used for John the Baptist when he was beheaded and clothes from when Jesus was an infant. So if you are in Aachen around 2021, you should definitely check that out too.

Aachen Cathedral
Aachen Cathedral
52062 Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne

The statues though...

Not very far away from this gorgeous example of Carolingian architecture Cathedral, you can get to see the Pupperbrunnen which is a water well thet explains the story of Aachen, another historical landmark of the city! It is also so much fun to show your kids since they will love it!

As an art lover, it is kind of a duty that I have given to myself by myself to let you guys know all the cool and amazing art galleries and museums. (You are more than welcome) I want to let you know the two main museums that I love in Aachen.

First one is the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst! In this former umbrella factory, you can get to see the most cool pieces of contemporary art from the masters like Warhol, Immendorf, Holzer, Penck, Haring and many more!

The other amazing museum is the Suermondt Ludwig Museum! If you love medieval sculptures, you will love this museum. But not only that, you can also find the best works from Cranach, Dürer, Macke, Dix and many more!

So if you want to visit this mixed and beautiful city, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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