Petrovaradin Fortress, where history meets fun

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Petrovaradin Fortress has become a signature city attraction for every visitor to Novi Sad. A rich historical and cultural heritage, a great choice for spending an artistic afternoon in one of its unique art galleries, a vibrant nightlife base on the weekends, and a home to the largest music festival in the region, it’s the place where history meets fun

Petrovaradin Fortress
Petrovaradin Fortress

About Petrovaradin Fortress

Even though the current shape of the fortress is its “latest version” built during the Austro-Hungarian realm, the historic properties of the place show that there was a fortress or a settlement at the same spot long before. Whichever people lived in the area, they left their marks on the bastions and ramparts of what we now call Petrovaradin Fortress. The Celts, the Romans, the Turks, the Slavs, to name a few.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a distinctive symbol of the fortress and moreover Novi Sad. A baroque tower at the top of the fortress carries a rather big clock, counting more than two meters in diameter. With various benches and even binoculars located around, this is a good spot to rest for a few minutes, contemplate the view towards the Danube and the city and decide which part of the fortress to explore next. 

The Clock Tower at Petrovaradin Fortress  © Credits to BalkansCat
The Clock Tower at Petrovaradin Fortress © Credits to BalkansCat

The clock is nowadays just a cool sight, but historically it served the purpose of informing the boatmen of the time when they were passing the Danube. This was attributed to one of the unusual things about the clock. Namely, the big clock needle shows the hours, and the shorter one shows the minutes, unlike in the regular clocks, so that the right time can be seen from far away. The clock still shows the correct time and rings at full hours.

View from Petrovaradin Fortress  © Credits to  Lovemyphotos
View from Petrovaradin Fortress © Credits to Lovemyphotos

Get a creative souvenir

Just a few meters away from the Clock Tower, there is a quirky designer store that offers unusual prints with clever and funny references to Novi Sad and Serbia. Some of the tiny galleries that comprise one of the coolest art hubs in Europe offer more than paintings and sculptures, as it first comes to mind. In the Atelier 61, you can find the creative wool artists, surrounded by the colorful tapestry, and shining out with the good vibes. Their creative approach combines the rustic and traditional ways of weaving and the modern ways of artistic expression through color, shape, and material manipulation. 

Wool workshop and atelier  © Credits to flavijus
Wool workshop and atelier © Credits to flavijus

Take a few stunning photos with the best panoramic views of Novi Sad, sip a coffee by the old defensive walls, or explore the improvised grafted grass paths to discover hidden viewpoints in the Petrovaradin Fortress. A pleasant walk quickly turns into sightseeing and learning something new while laughing out loud with the atelier’s hosts, in this prominent fortress where history meets fun.

Atelier 61
Atelier 61
Petrovaradin Fortress, 9, Petrovaradin 21131, Serbia

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