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Stalin's Underground Printing House – Feel the spirit of Soviet Georgia

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The period of the Soviet Union has already passed a long time ago. However, people are still interested in stories of this time. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Kamo… they are all the famous people who left their marks on history. You can find several places in Georgia, where you can recall the Soviet Union times. For example, the Stalin Museum, that is located in Gori. There you can see his private things and listen to the stories about the way he lived there. In addition to that, there are many other interesting places connected to him. In this article, I am going to tell you about Stalin's Underground Printing House Museum, where you can still feel the spirit of Soviet Georgia.

Joseph Stalin Underground Printing House
Joseph Stalin Underground Printing House
Kaspi Street, T'bilisi, Georgia

A story of the Printing House

The Printing House is located in the Avlabari district in Tbilisi. You can travel thanks to the "time machine" while visiting this museum and go back to the time when young revolutionary Stalin lived and worked.

The construction process of this Printing House was arranged by Mr Mikheil Bochoridze. He chose a suitable area in the Avlabari district. Mr Rostomashvili owned the land in this place. He was a worker in the workshops of the railway. After Mr Bochoridze and Mr Rostomashvili got a consent on the construction, they started building an illegal underground Printing House below the building. In a short period of time, they built a house that had only two rooms. In the years 1904-05, the Printing House started working.

There were 15-meter deep underground tunnels as well. From 1904-06, Stalin was secretly printing different newspapers and brochures in Georgian, Russian, and Azerbaijan language, and the revolutionaries were spreading them in these countries. 24-year-old Stalin escaped from the resettlement and started living in this Printing House from 1904. Many articles published here are actually written by Stalin, and that is why nowadays the Printing House is connected to his name.

How they discovered the Printing House?

The location of the Printing House was secret. However, in 1906, the police accidentally found it while they were checking the building. One of the police officers threw a burning paper in the dry water well to check its depth. A tunnel that was leading to the Printing House was at the bottom of this well, so this paper flew in the tunnel. A police officer realized that there was something under the building. They burned the house and the owner Mr Rostomashvili was sent into exile forever.

Underground Printing House today

Nowadays, you can see the same building in the Avlabari district. The Georgians reconstructed this place. They tried to keep its first appearance. The Printing House has many visitors today. People are interested in how this place worked, what were its secrets, etc. So, if you are a history lover, don’t miss the Stalin’s Underground Printing House Museum, where you can really feel the spirit of Soviet Georgia.

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