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The smallest town in the world – Hum

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Located in Istria region and peninsula in its central part, city of Hum is non-officially the smallest town in the world. Definitely worthy of visiting it, trust me. Only 40 km from Rijeka and 80 km from Pula this small town will be the perfect stop when travelling from Rijeka to Pula or vice versa.

When visiting Istria you can’t miss Istrian wine, Istrian olives and interesting villages. Istria is geographically peninsula but also one of the Croatian counties. Like peninsula, Istria is divided between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy; politically, Istria as the Croatian country is westernmost county with Pazin as a capital. Hum is maybe not so important but it’s a charming place. Situated in the central part of Istria it's always mentioned with adjective the smallest. City has its own town-hall and city church from the beginning of 19th century.

Firstly city was created as a defending tower or watchtower in case of attacks. As first mentioning of the city are back in the Middle Ages (year 1102), while walking (up and) down the streets you will feel like you are back in time. Stone houses, stone streets and churches made of stone look like great scenery for one medieval story. One of the churches was built in the 12th century and has precious 12th century frescoes. Hum is also famous for its Glagolitic Avenue and Glagolitic tradition and the town museum has some old documents written in Glagolitic. Between Hum and Roč there’s Glagolitic avenue made in honor of this old Slavic alphabet.

There are 30 citizens of Hum. One is the village chief – elected in the traditional summer ‘election’ when all the man will vote by carving line in the wooden stick. Little advice for the end: the best time to visit this amazing city is, of course, summer and getting there is the best by car.

Hum, Croatia
Hum, Croatia
52425, Hum, Croatia

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