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Being cultural as always (sarcastic laugh over here), one more time I am here to present an exhibition highly recommended and worth attending while in Madrid. If you live in Madrid or its surroundings you have probably heard about the exhibition hosted this month in the Caixa Forum. You haven’t heard about it, really?

Keep reading then and I just got your attention!

Well, as mentioned above from the 23d of November to 18th of February the cultural centre Caixa Forum Madrid, hosts one of the most impressive surrealistic exhibitions, entitled 'El Mundo de Giorgio de Chirico. Sueño o realidad’, or simply the “World of Giorgio de Chirico, Dream or Reality”.

Dream or Reality , is a complete retrospective of the Italian painter, Giorgio di Chirico, one of the most influential European artists of the 20th century.
The Caixa Forum
The Caixa Forum
Paseo del Prado, 36, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Everyone knows him as the father of metaphysical painting thanks to his compositions with a forced perspective where mannequins live alongside essential architectural elements such as palaces or chimneys, however without a human in sight.

One of his first and most impressive self-portraits (he created many) was called 'What shall I love if not the enigma?' And enigmas are just what you'll find in de Chirico exhibition at the CaixaForum. At the same time, there’s the audiovisual display that shows clips of interviews with the artist. Interesting right?

Chirico is characterised by plunging himself into a baroque game of shadows while using forced perspectives and self references throughout his masterpieces.

This specific exhibition brings together 143 works by the Italian maestro of Surrealism. Oil paintings, drawings, lithographic works and sculptures from between 1913 and 1976 offer an itinerary through all the artistic stages of the Italian artist, whose influence can be seen in several artistic movements of the 20th century, from Surrealism to Magical Realism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art.

Personally I’d recommend you to pay a visit there as soon as possible! The price is just 4 euros, price which can actually be considered quite cheap for such an exhibition and such an artist.

At the end of your cultural experience, do not miss out on visiting the majestic Reina Sofia Museum, the Prado and the Prado Media Lab located all at the same neighbourhood, just a few minutes away from each other!

And if you're still there till late...then do not miss the chance to check Atocha's barrio awesome nightlife!

Grab your camera, and get your cultural mood on! Enjoy!

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