Urbino, the Renaissance Cultural Hub

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Founded by the Romans, this small size city has seen its brightest days during the Renaissance years in Italy, in the XV century. Situated in the Marche region, east of the Appenini, Urbino is not one of your top destinations in Italy, but it could be. Art, culture and nature are all available in this location.

During those years the city experienced a cultural and social development and it managed to attract artists and scholars from all over Italy and Europe, becoming “on fashion” and starting to influence developments across the continent.

The artists who got to Urbino, some of the most outstanding of the time, created here an exceptional urban complex of remarkable homogeneity, the influence of which carried far into the rest of Europe. Urbino represents a peak of Renaissance art and architecture, harmoniously adapted to its physical site and to its medieval precursor in an exceptional manner. The skyline of the city, almost floating in the air, is impressive as well as stunning.

The best way to enjoy this city is just to walk through its narrow and suggestive streets, much of Urbino is pedestrianised so you will not have a hard time visiting it; just get in the city and explore it as you would explore a maze, knowing that you, unfortunately, won’t be trapped inside.

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Federico Spadoni

Federico Spadoni

I am Federico, I was born and raised in Italy. Sport and news fanatic and active volunteer. I am currently living in Athens, Greece. I write about the central parts of Italy.

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