Zotter - The Best Chocolatier in the World

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Zotter chocolate manufacture is the only European bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer. This means that everything is done on site, from the chocolate beam grinding to bar. They are also the only European producer using nothing but organic and fairtrade quality. Zotter produces more than 400 different type of chocolates with peculiar taste such as vinegar, fish, balsamico, tahini, or even vodka and gin. Some 600 tonnes of chocolate is produced yearly and Zotter ranks among the best chocolatiers in the world.


Zotter headquater and production is located in the small village of Bergl, in the south Styria, some two hours drive from Vienna. If you are in love with chocolate, and who isn´t, Zotter Experience and its Chocolate Theatre is must visit. It offers tour where you can witness how the cocoa bean is transformed into chocolate. Entire production process is on display and you can wander through the transparent chocolate factory along paths of glass.

The best part is that the tour is tasting tour. At the different tasting stations, you can taste how cheese in chocolate tastes like or freshly roasted chocolate beans from many different countries. You can also visit Smelling & Curiosity Cabinet, where you can guess the aroma and the ingredients of the chocolate.

At the site of the zotter chocolate factory thesre is an "Idea Cemetery", where all the chocolate variations that were taken from the market, or have never been realised are literally buried with its own tombstone.

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