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Daytrips around Amsterdam; canals, tulips, bikes and windmills!

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Travel Tips For Den Haag

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While being a student in the Netherlands, I had the chance to explore some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations that I’ve ever seen. You see, the Netherlands is a country that offers a variety of things to do and places to see, especially when you’re a student and willing to move around and discover new places! The country’s size is literally too small, fact that allowed us to explore most of its attractions and its hidden gems quite easily! When you think of the Netherlands, the first things that jump to mind are windmills, tulips, canals, bikes and cheese (and maybe some other things, but Amsterdam is the best place for those).

Amsterdam Central Station is the perfect place start your journey exploring each of these aspects of Dutch culture. In less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam, you’ll find excellent shopping cities like Haarlem, the majestic windmills at Zaanse Schans, the famous tulip fields in and around the Keukenhof, and historic towns like Edam and Volendam. To be honest, the Amsterdam Area is easy to explore by public transport, with most destinations being accessible by train or bus (or a combination of the two) - within half an hour from Amsterdam.

What are you waiting for? Add some extra days to your flight and delve into the fascinating history of the Dutch Golden Age by exploring the ancient castles that were once the homes of wealthy merchants! Don’t miss one of the world’s most photogenic attractions, the Keukenhof flower gardens, which opens for just eight short weeks each year! Step back in time to Old Holland by visiting its countless windmills, churches and old-fashioned farmhouses and explore! Here’s a list with a few non touristic but must-see locations! Aaand scroll!

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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