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Nightlife: The 7 Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam

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Travel Tips For Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has grown to become one of Europe's hottest city to party. Festivals and institutions like Dekmantel and old club De Trouw helped make this shift happen. Curating some of the best line-ups with international DJs, the capital of The Netherlands is indeed one hell of a city to party! Old warehouse, bunker, abandoned church or funeral home - discover the best clubs in Amsterdam for a techno weekend.

Where to Stay to be close to the clubs

While you're going out, it's all about location in Amsterdam - as you don't want to be so far away from the clubs. Uber in this city is madly expensive and public transit stops running after a certain time. The city is actually very walkable, especially to these techno clubs if you're staying at the right place. I would highly recommend these spots: For those who are looking for affordable stays that won't break the bank, Hans Brinker Hostel Amsterdam is in the heart of the city with super friendly hospitality. Another very budget-friendly place, and quite legendary - is the Flying Pig Downtown where you'll make friends easily (especially for those who wants a squad to go clubbing with). Then there's the Arcade Amsterdam which is quite a fun and quirky hotel since the bottom floor is filled with arcade games that you can still play! 

Most Underground


RADION is an Industrial warehouse a bit further away form the city. The nightclub is a cultural hotspot in Amsterdam. Their current location, known as ACTA, used to be the academic centre of dentistry in the Dutch capital. A hop to the top - RADION transforms itself into techno headquarters during Amsterdam Dance Event. "Tired but Inspired" is the usual sentence we hear after a rave marathon at RADION. The club was granted a 24-hours permit in 2015, which allows the space to continue programming a diversity of cultural disciplines. Don't get too excited about the 24-hours permit tho, club nights still finish at 7am (except at De School). This means the venue can be open to other activities - besides club nights - during day time. You can of course hang around for coffee in the morning.

© Photo credit: Rene Passet


Ruigoord is more than a venue, it's the story of a village. Abandoned by its citizens, taken over by the hippies, adored by the ravers, cared for with music and love ever since. Understanding Ruigoord's story makes the place and music even the more beautiful. Parties get dreamy during sunrise, as sunlight filters through the tainted windows of the church and paints the floor in a million colors. Ruigoord is also a very nice bike-ride away from Amsterdam station (about 40 minutes). You can spend an entire afternoon expedition to the village before the party. Parties (or raves) usually start early and end around 7am. As there are no neighbours to call for noise complains, it is tradition to hang out the village when the party is finished, warm-up to the bonfire and talk hours-long with your new friends before heading home (with your bike).

Music Style from Trance, Goa to Techno. Promoting club culture and free dance floors.

© Photo credit: Philip Menke

© Photo credit: Tanja Henn


"There's clubs and there's VLLA. At clubs, you dance. At VLLA, you cut loose." (by Resident Advisor). Former funeral home, VLLA has been renovated into the creative space it is today, now uplifting people’s spirit. Staff is friendly, music is good, drinks are cheap, couches are comfy, terrace is sunny. VLLA celebrates club culture at its best. To all ravers looking for a place to take them home: a place like VLLA is hard to find and easy to love!


Former Cinema academy turned squat with a nice 'n filthy edge. OT301 is a communal space. IT is unpretentious and sometimes plain insane. It is open all week long for different cultural events and music-alike: Films, workshops, music and Vegan food at De Peper café. Check out the Tuesday ping-pong nights or pay-by-donation yoga and meditation. It is a really damned cool space to explore Amsterdam at its rawest - and sometimes dopiest.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

"Hidden in the industrial West of Amsterdam lies a dark and legendary street, home to one of the most influential party locations of the Netherlands: The Warehouse Elementenstraat." The location has been around for 20 years. It used to host the biggest raves and House nights of Amsterdam (called "Multigroove"). It stayed vacant for a while and was re-discovered by a young collective of Techno artists: GZG. Since then, Warehouse Elementenstraat found its soul back and is now home to the biggest techno promoters of The Netherlands and beyond: Reaktor Events, HYTE, Katharsis, Breakfast Club, Verknipt and Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Thanks to the nightclub's 24-hours licence, some Reaktor nights go on till 10am and Amsterdam Dance Event has a safe home-base for 50-hour long club marathons.

More Popular

De School

Infamous nightclub De School in Amsterdam is one of the best designed clubs in Europe. Loved by hip locals and all-time ravers, it is now more underground'ish then it is Underground. It simply curates the best line-ups of the country. Perfect setting for deep, dark, industrial techno nights. Pitch black and dark. The lights are out, flashing dancers into pause, fractions of second at a time.

The School was designed by Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok, which emphasized individual expression: structures, cubes, textures and bricks. Indeed it all sits perfectly in harmony - the club design, look and feel, garden, concerts, restaurant, café, gym, graphics and communication. The place is heaven for long Weekenders once a month - non-stop open all weekend long - thanks to the club's 24-hours licence. De School is owned and run by Post CS BV—the same crew that ran Amsterdam nightclubs Trouw and Club 11.


Just over the IJ-river, take a ferry on the sooth dark and waters of Amsterdam to join Shelter. Old war-bunker converted nightclub, Shelter is hidden under the A'dam tower. It is one of the rare clubs in the city with a 24-hours licence AND who actually uses it for extended club nights (sometimes 'til 10am! wouhou). The entrance is at the back of the A'dam building (no shiny reception and hostess - that's the wrong way). The quality - Funktion 1 - sound-system is one of a kind (Dekmantel / Berghain-like) and makes music experiences memorable. However the venue lacks somewhat emotion and atmosphere. Besides that, it is a sure place to check out on the live sets of some of the most talented names in the industry.

Getting there: Shelter can be found below Overhoeksplein in the most Southern tip of Amsterdam-Noord, easily reachable by the Buiksloterweg ferry, leaving 24/7 behind Central Station.

© Photo credit: Emilio K

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