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Haus des Meeres – Vienna Aquarium

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Haus des Meeres (House of the Sea) situated in Vienna’s Mariahilf district is one of the three zoos in the city, Schönbrunn Zoo being the second and Lainzer Tiergarten third. All these zoos are unique and different one from another. Haus des Meeres is a huge public aquarium that compromises the area of 4000 square meters. It is house to more than ten thousand aquatic species, among them domestic and Mediterranean fish, sharks, as well as freshwater and saltwater tropical fish.

The biggest Austrian aquarium is located in one of the Flak towers i.e. former anti-aircraft tower from the Second World War built by the Hitler engineers. The building is an attraction itself 47m high with the 3,5m thick walls, 11 floors and roof terrace. Since 1957 it found peacetime role as a public aquarium.

©wikimedia/Maximiliano Fernandes Silva
©wikimedia/Maximiliano Fernandes Silva

Haus des Meeres biggest tank home of the species from the Atlantic Ocean is located on the ground floor. Visitors can walk through the tunnel through this 500.000 litre tank. Second biggest 300.000 l tank is a home of more shark species and one more tank half of its size houses hammerhead shark. Not only aquatic creature can be found here Haus des Meeres hosts terrarium, where you can observe snakes, tarantulas and lizards. Part of it are the Croc-Park and the House of the Tropics where you can meet face to face free-roaming apes, crocodiles, and watch the free-flying birds.

At the end of your visit if you are tired from 11 floors of BBC documentary-show-like scenary at the roof top you can find the café with the exquisite view of Vienna. Visit this unique attraction it is definitely worth it.

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