Funicolare Citta' Alta Bergamo

24129 Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy

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This route was born in 1887, designed by the engineer Alessandro Ferretti. A steam machine used to move the first one with two coaches linked by a back-and-forth motion system, where the weight of the first coach helps the other one to rise. In 1917 both the machines and the stations underwent a modernization, and the two rails became one. In the upper station a waiting room was built, along with a panoramic veranda where you can have a coffee or a drink while staring at the fantastic view over the whole city. Today the funicular is operating and it just takes you a few minutes to overcome a height difference of 85 meters along 240 meters of distance, where the maximum gradient gets to 52%. The city’s funicular is really loved by Bergamo’s citizens, that couldn’t do without it: is there another transportation means allowing you to travel across time, passing through the ancient Venetian walls that used to defend Bergamo from the enemies’ attacks?

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