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Meet gazelles in Shirvan National Park

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Travel Tips For Salyan

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The geographical location of Azerbaijan creates distinctive features that differentiate it from other countries. Although Azerbaijan is a small country, each part of the country has an inimitable flora and fauna. Having a unique nature demands protection in order not to lose it. Therefore, many national parks and preserves are created in different parts of the country.

Shirvan National Park is one of the remarkable places in the territory of Salyan district, where a part of this marvelous nature is protected. The National Park is created to reproduce and protect the Goitered Gazelle, a variety of waterfowl birds and different endangered plants. Besides its flora and fauna, the area contains many various landscapes.

The gazelles protected in Shirvan National Park are considered one of the lesser spread species among all animals in the world. Moreover, Azerbaijan is the main territory where those beautiful animals live. Therefore, those animals are protected and reproduced in their homeland under natural conditions. As gazelles are the main habitat of the area, they became an inspiration for the creation of a preserve and a national park here.

In addition, Shirvan National Park can be considered a home for endangered species of waterfowl birds such as flamingo, coot, swan, pelican and many others. Being able to see those beauties during your trip will make you feel the wilderness of the nature. Another extraordinary view that you will face in Shirvan National Park is seals, which are considered as one of the unique fauna of the Caspian Sea.

Apart from all those animals and birds, Shirvan National Park hosts plenty of exclusive plant species that are considered as the pearls of Caucasus. As animals and plants protected in Shirvan National Park are endangered, they are included in "Red Data Book" in which all endangered species are recorded.

Moreover, many beautiful lakes create marvelous view in the area. Furthermore, territory of Shirvan National Park covers part of coastal area of Caspian sea, which the nature even more unique and interesting.

In conclusion, Shirvan National Park is the place, where you will be able to have an amazing and wild journey full of spectacular flora and fauna.

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