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Wine or beer? - A night in Baku

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After roaming around the city and enjoying various activities, you need proper rest. But, what makes our travel valuable? Just having a rest in the hotel? Of course not. In this story, I am going to give some tips about nightlife in Baku.

Baku nights are considered as among the brightest nights in Europe. The lights of the city won’t allow you just to go and sleep when it gets dark. So, what to do then?

Here is the answer.

Several options can make your night incredible. Let’s start with a nice place that is called KEFLI Local Wine & Snacks. As it is obvious from the name, the place offers local Azerbaijani wine and snacks. If you just want to have a glass of local tasty wine and a calm place, then KEFLI Wine & Snacks is a perfect place for you in Baku.

However, if you are a beer lover, I have another option for you. The place is called BeerbaŞa, which is mainly specialized in beer. The interesting fact about BeerbaŞa is its design that makes it unique in the city. Lots of daylights, wooden floor, various design elements such as glass and brass, and the most important – silver beer kegs that hanging from the ceiling. I would say, it is one of the must-sees in Baku that you should definitely visit.

Enjoy! It is just one part of the journey ;)

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I am Nilufar, from Azerbaijan, and I would love to be inspiring to travelers who wish to discover my country and to live an extra-ordinary experience.

Are you ready to experience this story yourself?

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