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Reading has never been so exciting: Book Cafes in Baku

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Reading is never out of fashion. Our future depends on libraries, reading, and fantasy. Fans of printed literature were, are and will be at least for the next few decades. Sometimes all we want is a silence, tranquillity and aromatic coffee. Sitting next to a large window with a cup of coffee and reading a book, has never been so exciting. In the past, the only Book Cafe in Baku was the network of Ali and Nino. Today, there are lots of Book Cafes in Baku, which I will introduce in this article.

Kibrit Book cafe

The Kibrit is a favourite place of book readers since 2013. İt is located in famous Tolstoy Street. A scattered light, cosy atmosphere, not expensive but tasty menu, a large selection of books - all this wait for you in the little-known Kibrit Book Cafe. In this cafe, you can try one of the best coffees in the city, which is prepared by professionals from carefully selected Colombian grains. There are regular book presentations and meetings with contemporary writers in the Cafe. İn the evenings, you can listen to good live music. If you are tired of the city bustle, then this place will not leave you alone.

Kibrit Book Cafe
Kibrit Book Cafe
154 Tolstoy, Bakı 1005, Azerbaijan
Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life © Mark Twain

Icharishahar Bookhouse& Cafe

The "Icheri Sheher Bookhouse and Café", established in 2013, is a public catering center dedicated to scientific research, environmental protection, and love promotion. This is one of the first places in Baku, that combines the literature and food. You can choose from a variety of refreshing cocktails, coffee drinks, snacks and cakes from the menu. More than 1,200 books are waiting for you at the cafe. The books are belong to various genres and categories. Here, you can find Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish books. When you are here, you can read any book, and you can also use the "rent a book" service.

Icharishahar Bookhouse and Cafe
Icharishahar Bookhouse and Cafe
16 Asəf Zeynallı küç, Bakı, Azerbaijan

Il Futuro Book Cafe

The Il futuro Book Cafe is famous for its large bookshelves, a fireplace, indoor flowers, paintings on the walls and cosy tables. The design of Il Futuro Book Cafe gives a truly homely atmosphere and cosiness. On weekends, you can listen to live music. The Il Futuro is one of the few book cafes where you can order an alcoholic drink. You can get aquainted with a literature along with a cup of coffee, at lunch, or buy it for more detailed reading at leisuretime. The choice of books is not great, but the subjects are quite wide. In this literary cafe, you can also arrange film screenings and, of course, conduct open readings and workshops with writers.

Il Futuro Book Cafe
Il Futuro Book Cafe
Islam Safarli Street, Bakı 1005, Azerbaijan

In Baku, there are many cafes in which you can, along with a snack and cup of coffee, also read a book or magazine you like. The book cafes in Baku host many lectures, meetings with famous world writers, as well as master classes. In addition to the cafes mentioned above, I advise you to visit also 90'lar Cafe, Troll Book cafe, Yeralti Book Cafe. The researchers have proved that reading of books is an important condition for a good rest. A person who reads, returnes from a vacation more intelligent, more calm, happy and healthy. Also, reading has never been so exciting. Do not forget this when you are on vacation in Azerbaijan.

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