Traditional drink of Azerbaijan

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In contrast to the people of western countries, in Azerbaijan, we do not drink that much coffee. However, there is a drink that we cannot imagine our daily life without it. This beloved drink is Tea or the way we call it “Chai”. Drinking tea is a lifestyle in Azerbaijan and it became an essential part of the culture.

Azerbaijani people are in love with tea. Mornings start with tea and days end with tea here.

Tea is one of the essential indicators of hospitability in Azerbaijan. It is the first thing that we offer to our guests. This special drink is offered in a special way with a lot of tasty sweets and various jams. Generally, the jams are homemade and called “murabba”. You can have jams of different fruits such. Cherry, strawberry, watermelon are the most desired ones. Besides jams, traditional sweets, chocolates, lemon and candies are among the offers.

Moreover, there are several types of tea, which differs due to the aromatics. The aromatics include thyme, clove, jasmine, ginger, rose, peach and many others.

The interesting fact about Azerbaijani tea is the glass of it. Tea glasses in our country have a special shape called “armudu”, which means in the shape of a pear. As the name suggests, the glass looks like a small pear and the shape helps to keep the tea hot longer.

There are several places in Baku that you can have delightful tea. If you want to have a marvelous view of the sea while drinking tea, you should choose a place on the seaside park. There are plenty of cafes and all of them offer tasty tea.

Zambaq café is located inside the Winter Park. It is one of the ideal places to have tea in the cozy afternoon with breeze of Baku. However, in the case that you want to have traditional atmosphere, "Çay evi 145" teahouse is the exact place for you. The place is specialized in tea and besides tea, offers deserts, jams and other things related to tea.

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