Winter dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine

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Do you know a tasty way of warming up? If not, after reading the article, you will have amazing ideas, which will become an essential part of your visit to Azerbaijan.

Despite Azerbaijan is not being a northern country, it is too cold in the wintertime, which is sometimes unbearable. In these days, you need to find a place where you can enjoy hot drinks. What if you are hungry? Therefore, I recommend you delightful options that will help you to feed your hunger, as well as to warm up.

Some dishes in Azerbaijan are eaten mainly in winter. Most of them contain flour or dough. Local people believe that this kind of dishes helps to warm up on cold days.

One of the most famous winter dishes is called “Dushbara". It is a kind of soup which includes dough balls with meat inside and spices. Dushbara was the most loved dish by tourists and participants during Eurovision song contest 2012, which was held in Baku.

Another famous dish is Khingal, which contains boiled thin, quadrat dough pieces. Khingal is served with mix of yogurt and garlic on it and a special sauce. The sauce includes ground beef, onion, and tomato paste with some spices. Ground beef can change according to region and taste. In the western part of the country, people use chicken instead of ground beef.

But, where to eat these delicious meals?

In the winter season, most of the cafes and restaurants offer Dushbara. However, I assume that a place in the city center and an affordable price would be great. Therefore, I would suggest Cafecity in Fountain square, which is in the most known place to tourists. In the case that you want to taste Khingal, Firuza restaurant would be a nice traditional atmosphere for you. Besides those places, you can find various places with a different range of prices in Icerisheher (Old City).

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