The paradise of birds - Ag Ghol National Park

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If you look at the map of Azerbaijan, you will see that the most of its territory is occupied by nature conservation areas. There are six national parks in the country, as well as 13 nature reserves and 18 state reserves. Now, at the most beautiful time of the year, it's time to make a trip to the paradise of birds - Ag Ghol National Park. Why the paradise of birds? A variety of birds will surprise you during your visit to this park. It is located in the southern part of the country, in the Kurino-Araks lowland. It was created in 1978 on the reserve that existed here since 1964 and on the area of 4 400 hectares. The National Park protects the natural complexes of reed-swampy thickets and the water area of Lake Ag Ghol. This Park was created as a place for the protection of habitat, as well as wintering and nesting of waterfowl and wading birds. More than 140 species are found here, and 90 of them nest in the park.

The location of the park

The Ag Ghol National Park is located on the right bank of the Kura River, in the territory of Agjabadi and Beylagan administrative regions. Although Agjabadi is one of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan, the first mentioning of this area dates back to 1593. The territory of Agjabadi district, which is one of the largest agricultural areas of Azerbaijan, is 1756 sq km. In general, the district produces a favorable impression, as it is cozy, green and clean.

Flora and Fauna

Flora and fauna of the Ag Ghol National Park are quite rich. More than 100 valuable medicinal herbs grow, and about 300 species of birds live permanently here. 36 out of 72 species protected by the Red Book of Azerbaijan live in the Aggel National Park. From the plant species, you can find mainly salty lotus, blackberries, wormwood, etc. The reptiles include a Mediterranean turtle, a Caspian turtle, a coral, a lily lizard, a gurze, and so on.

Why the paradise of birds? Here, you can see different kinds of birds such as marble teal, partridge, black stork, big and small swan, whispering birds, Egyptian heron, crimson pelican, sultan's wool, spinning, crimson pelican, green ducks, gases (grey, brown and red) and so on. In the territory of the National Park, there are mammals like wolves, jackals, wild boars, foxes, rabbits and various bats reed.

The modern Ag Ghol National Park is on the list of protected sites of UNESCO, as a wetland of global significance. About 99% of the territory consists of water and only 1% of the islands and coastlines. The popularity of eco-tourism increases with the deterioration of the environment. The paradise of birds - Ag Ghol National Park gives an opportunity to relax to people who are tired of noisy and crowdy cities and its pollution.

Ag Ghol National Park
Ag Ghol National Park
Agh Gol National Park, Azerbaijan

Photos:Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

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