Colorful forests of Ismayilli

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Dear nature lovers, if you are looking for an exceptional beauty, Ismayilli is the place that you wouldn’t want to miss in your travelling experience. It is just 239 km far from Baku (capital city) and takes 2 to 3 hours to reach there. Therefore, daily tours are more popular among tourists.

Ismayilli is located on the slopes of Greater Caucasus Mountains, in the northern part of Azerbaijan. As the height level differs so much in Ismayilli (200m-3629m), the nature is adapted to various climates in each landscape. One of the highest peaks of Greater Caucasus – Babadagh Mountain is situated in the territory of Ismayilli district. However, the majority of flora belongs to forests on the mountains. The difference of Ismayilli forests is their color. Moreover, regardless of the season Ismayilli forests contain plenty of sorts of trees, which make the forests look like not only green, but like a colorful tableau of a painter.

If you want to enjoy the nature and the beauty around, trekking and hiking are recommended. Even though tourism facilities in Ismayilli are not so much advanced, local people offer some facilities such as mini restaurants serving local food and houses for rent. Having a family picnic inside a forest is another amazing activity to enjoy the natural amenity of Ismayilli.

Apart from its astonishing forests, there are many small lakes inside those forests, which make the view even more beautiful. There are also many rivers that pass through the Ismayilli territory, which allow you to enjoy the fishing around those lakes and rivers. However, you need to take your facilities such as finishing rod with yourself, as no such facilities are provided.

Besides the marvelous natural reserves, historical background of Ismayilli grabs attention. Lahij and Basqal settlements are the most eminent historical heritages, which hold the culture, architecture and lifestyle of the local people for centuries. Moreover, you will have the chance to meet multi-cultural environment, as many small nations live together in Ismayilli.

Ismayilli is the place, where you will enjoy the extraordinary nature and the history at the same time. Book your trip now!

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