Mysterious oil reserve of Naftalan

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There is a common sense that oil reserves always create pollution and damage human health in an indirect way. What if you find oil that affects your health in a positive manner directly?

Just 330 km far from Baku – the capital city, a city called Naftalan have a mysterious oil reserve. It is a type of oil with a special chemical composition that has a healing effect on the human body. A unique type of oil, which is extracted here, is used for health issues that are related to nerves, skin, gynecology, liver, joint pains, and many others.

Naftalan has many sanatoriums and facilities with modern standards, which allow tourists to have rest and get their treatment. One of the famous sanatoria is CHINAR Hotel & SPA, which was famous during the USSR period.

The sanatorium is equipped with treatment equipment, which facilitates usage of Naftalan oil with high standards in a comfortable atmosphere. The resort provides special Naftalan therapy that lasts 20 days. During the therapy period, patients take oil bathes several times with a supervision of specialist doctors.

Besides CHINAR Hotel and SPA, there are alternatives such as Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan, Shafa sanatorium, which provide the same treatment and type of services to the tourists.

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