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The cave of lost people - Nakhchivan tour part 1

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I am glad to invite you to a variegated tour in Nakhchivan, which facilitates you to enjoy the nature, to see an unbelievable place and get natural healing.

Nakhchivan is an autonomous republic in the south-west of Azerbaijan. Relative to other regions, Nakhchivan is much farther from capital city. Therefore, the main transport to travel is plane. In the case that you want to travel by car, you have to pass through the territory of Iran.


As the history of Nakhchivan dates back thousands year back, there are many historical and mythological places. The most famous place is Ashabi-kahf - a natural cave, which is located between the mountains of Nahajir and Ilandag. It is considered as a sacred place because there is a legend in Holy Quran about the cave. According to Quran, a number of believers hidden in this cave from their enemies and the cave saved them. Legend says that God disappeared them to protect from the enemies.

There are some beliefs among the local people that you can test your dream in the cave as if it will come true or not. In the certain parts of the cave, you make a wish and stick a small rock on the wall of cave. If the rock stays on the wall, the wish comes true. In the other part of the cave, you make a wish and sit on the rock. If water drops fall, the dream comes true.

Believe me, rocks stay and drops fall ;)

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I am Nilufar, from Azerbaijan, and I would love to be inspiring to travelers who wish to discover my country and to live an extra-ordinary experience.

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