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The oldest amusement park in Kaunas - Vytautas park

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Old amusement parks have different associations. For ones, it sounds like a horror movie, while the others see it as a perfect place for taking pictures. For sure, the oldest amusement park in Kaunas does not look like it comes from the scary movie. Actually, for the Kaunas people, it reminds them of their childhood, and still, the park is working, so they are visiting it with their children. The park has some charm still left. The old carousels are still working, even though they look exactly the same as the first day in 1964. Some people are too scared to try it, but if not for trying, Vytautas Park - the oldest amusement park in Kaunas is also worth visiting.

An “Orbit,” “Sun” and an “Autodrome”

The very first thought which can cross your mind after seeing the park for the first time is that the time just stopped there. As if you somehow traveled into the time in the early 1970’s. So, the first thing is not imagining that Vytautas Park is like Heide Park in Germany. Forsooth, Vytautas Park is more like from the old movie, that’s why it is worth exploring. The park was established in 1871, when the first walking paths were made. The amusement park was set in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, in the Vytautas were already a football stadium, pavilion, and tennis courts. Later on, the park had more and more nice attractions, but the best of them, which were attracting thousands of people every year, were the carousels. An “Orbit,” a “Sun” and an “Autodrome” - the most favorite ones. People who were swinging with them, now bring their own children with a nostalgic feeling. Besides the carousels, the park in that time had some mini zoo with rabbits, squirrels, and pheasants. For sure, it was a joy for every child and adult. Some people were even saying that Vytautas Park was the most beautiful place in Kaunas.

Carousels for 1 €

Sadly, nowadays, the park is not so popular anymore, and sometimes it looks more abandoned than used, but some days the park is still full of children laugh. Some people spent all their life working there, and it honestly seems that the amusement park became a part of their life. The prices for using the carousels vary from 1 to 3 euros. Nevertheless, the carousels are working, some of them can look unreliable. However, in Vytautas Park even some concerts and events take place, and the amusement park still attracts the visitors.

Even thogh, the oldest amusement park in Kaunas - Vytautas Park sometimes looks abandoned and mangy, it is a beautiful place for photographers (some of the people choose this amusement park for their wedding photoshoot), history lovers and just people who like carousels.

Vytautas Amusement Park
Vytautas Amusement Park
Perkūno al. 4, Kaunas 44221, Lietuva

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