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Visit the historic Christmas Market in Lund

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Travel Tips For Province of Skåne

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Want to experience a different kind of Christmas Market? Visit the open-air museum of Kulturen in Lund and attend a Christmas Market 'history style'.

Kulturen in Lund is a partly open-air museum, and its exhibition includes several city blocks of historic houses and buildings from Medieval times to 1930. Every year, the museum turns into a Christmas Market that attracts visitors from all over Skåne. It is very popular among families, friends and tourists. Here is why you should visit!

Christmas Activities

Walking around in the open-air museum, you will experience the old historical buildings and houses. Several houses were moved from their original location, others have been rebuilt in a historically accurate way. During the Christmas Market, you will come upon several actors reenacting inhabitants from different centuries. The actors explain how Christmas was prepared and celebrated in their time.

©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere
©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere

Visitors can try several activities. For instance, why not make your own candles? There are also other workshops, like the one making and decorating typical Christmas style gingerbread cookies ( a must for Swedes during Christmas).

Make sure to experience the market during late afternoon or evening. When the darkness fall, lanterns and fires light up the market in a spectacular way. And don’t forget to listen to the Christmas choir singing Christmas carols and visit the blacksmith working in an old-timely smithy.

Food and Drinks

While walking around the museum, make sure to get a cup of hot chocolate or typical Swedish mulled wine, called glögg in Swedish, to keep warm. And treat yourself to some delicious roasted sugary almonds, another typical Swedish Christmas treat. Or why not join the barbecue and cook yourself some nice sausages over the open fire.

Several food vendors sell Christmas candy to eat as you go or beautifully wrapped to be given as a Christmas gift.


Shop your Christmas gifts

A visit to the Christmas Market is the perfect opportunity to buy your Christmas gifts. Walk along the cobblestone streets where there are plenty of vendors selling local food products, jams, chutneys, and treats, the designer made jewellery, ceramics and ornaments.

There are many artist and makers living in and around Skåne, and several of these attend and sell their products on the Christmas Market. The Christmas Market is thus the perfect place to buy some unique Christmas gifts for friends and family.

If you need to warm up after the market, make sure to stop by the indoor part of the museum. Kulturen in Lund usually has several temporary exhibitions worth a visit. And when you leave the Christmas Market, stop at Lundagård just outside Kulturen and look at the spectacular Christmas tree.

The Christmas Market at the open-air museum Kulturen in Lund is an unusual experience, with a mix of history, art, food and activities for children and adults alike. If you're going to spend your Christmas historic style in Kulturen, make sure to check the availability for hotels and stays around Lund, and book them right away!

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Maria Lundin Osvalds

Maria Lundin Osvalds

I’m Maria, a 28-years old journalist, photographer and content creator from Sweden. I love adventures, being outdoor and living the nomadic life out of my van, as well as being in the city drinking coffee in a bohemian styled café or visiting local poetry slams.

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