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A day trip to Lund – what to see and do

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Lund, known for its historic university and medieval city center, is an excellent destination for a day trip. The town has much to see and do.

The most popular vacation destination in Skåne is probably the city of Malmö. But its neighbor Lund is only 15 minutes away and a trip well worth its time.

Lund University

The renowned university has positioned Lund on the world map. Scholars and students from all over the world visit and stay in the town, which gives Lund an international feeling. Stepping into a café, you will notice people speaking different languages, as well as the particular Swedish dialect called Skånska.

© Wikipedia/Francois Polito
© Wikipedia/Francois Polito

If you are in the area during the so-called Lundakarnevalen, a carnival that takes place every fourth year in May, you are very much in luck. The carnival is organized by the student associations and transforms the town for two weeks entirely with its happenings, an amusement park, music, and food from all over the world. The friendly rivalry between Lund and the other famous student city of Uppsala is sure to be noticed in several of the events.

History and culture

Numerous old historic buildings are part of the university, like Juridicum, that is the center for law studies or the University Library. The last is a striking building on the top of a small hill, overlooking a park. In the early summer days, students flock outside the premises, to study or drink coffee.

 ©Flickr/Maria Eklind
©Flickr/Maria Eklind

Visit the nearby Sketches Museum- the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art- and enjoy the world’s biggest collection of sketches, models, and international public art.

Another historic building to explore is the Lund Cathedral. Its mighty towers and its altar date back to the 14th century. The cathedral was consecrated in 1145, and now it is the most visited church in all of Sweden.

Those who can not get enough of history should visit the open-air museum Kulturen. The open-air museum has several well-preserved buildings that have not been moved since past times and show how Lund and its surrounding areas have evolved through time.

Eat and stay

The newly renovated food hall in the center of town offers lunch, dinner, fine dining, a charcuterie, cheese shops, and much more. Coffee shops are abundant all around town. For the coffee enthusiasts, visit Love Coffee that offers its own locally roasted coffee.

The city has several hotels if you wish to stay the night. Otherwise, buses and trains run very frequently to Malmö that has a much larger variety of accommodation options. Lund is a city to walk around in, and after a day of exploring a good night's sleep is well needed!

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