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A weekend getaway in Malmö

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Malmö is a culturally vibrant city in the south of Sweden. Visit it to experience a multicultural city, where old meets new.

Discover Malmö’s neighborhoods

Located in Skåne by the sea- just 30 minutes away from Copenhagen in Denmark and four hours from Stockholm- the city is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. Malmö is a perfect city to explore on foot or by bike, and you will be able to see a lot even in just a couple of days.

Discover the old town with its myriad of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses, most of which are standing still since the 14th century.  The West Harbour, Västra Hamnen, is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city. This area is, for instance, home to the famous architecturally challenging Turing Torso, a skyscraper that twists through 90 degrees from bottom to top.


The city is very multicultural and culturally vibrant, fact that has influenced many of its neighborhoods. One of the most popular is Möllan. Visit Möllan for diverse ethnic food, markets where the street vendors sell goods, such as fruit and flowers for amazing prices, as well as for its cozy cafés and bars. 

The central parts of Malmö stretch from the central station to the shopping center Triangeln. Here lay both the exclusive boutiques selling trendy couture, and shops, such as H&M and Zara. This is the perfect area for those in a shopping mood. Visit Lilla Torg if you fancy a drink, food, or a coffee break.

Culture and nightlife

Malmö offers culture for every person. The opera often puts on world-class performances and the concert hall Malmö Live, inaugurated in 2015, plays well-attended shows, featuring everything from classic to modern music. Malmö is home to several renowned art galleries and museums, such as the Modern Museum, Malmö Art Museum, and Malmö Art Hall. The former is one of Europe’s largest spaces for contemporary art. 

Nightlife is diverse, and you will easily find quirky local pubs next to fancy cocktail bars. A popular nightclub is Savoy, or why not visit Inkonst, a venue where art and theatre are "mixed" with a nightclub.  If you visit at the end of August, you are in for a treat! During this time of year, the whole city turns into a festival – Malmöfestivalen. During that week you will be able to visit concerts, games & art shows for free, and of course, eat food from all over the world.

What to eat and drink

One of the best things to eat in Malmö is falafel. There are several small shops selling falafel or kebabs all over the city. It is cheap, and it is very, very tasty.

Since it's a very multicultural city, there are restaurants from all over the world, such as Lebanese, Persian, and Ethiopian. If you are a "foodie" with a taste for world food, Malmö is a place to love. There are several food markets around the city, as well as food halls, like the well-established Malmö Saluhall, in the central parts of the city.

©Wikipedia/Wamba Wambez
©Wikipedia/Wamba Wambez

Spend a weekend in Malmö, and you will be delighted by a multicultural city, where history meets the modern world, full of vibrant culture and food from all over the globe. 

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